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The Great
1. Little Miss Sunshine
    The funniest movie in years - if the Oscars didn't have an anti-comedy bias, this would contend in several categories.
2. United 93
    A work of stunning power.
3. The Hills Have Eyes
    The best horror movie in years.
4. Look Both Ways
    Engaging Australian tale of intersecting lives over one weekend.
5. The Road to Guantanamo
    Is actually made more dramatic by its matter-of-fact storytelling.
6. Quinceanera
    Kitchen sink drama goes for a lot and makes contact on most.
7. Brick
    One of the better noir films of recent years.
8. Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story
    There are so many movies about making movies, but this one is actually hilarious.
9. Cars
    Pixar does it again. Up there with the best of their previous efforts.
10. Dave Chappelle's Block Party
    Provides a glimpse of Chappelle at a pivotal point in his life without being obvious. Plus contains some great music.

The Good
11. Conversations With Other Women
    Great performances by Eckhart and Bonham-Carter.
12. Bubble
    Feels a bit like the film experiment that it is, but also very engrossing.
13. District B-13
    The best action movie of the summer.
14. The Puffy Chair
    Talky, charming indie film.
15. V for Vendetta
    Mixes politics and action well.
16. The Child
    Tale of redemption that doesn't provide easy redemption.
17. Superman Returns
    Generally entertaining, but way too long.
18. Twelve and Holding
    Director Michael Cuesta again gets great peformances out of young actors.
19. The Descent
    Very effective horror movie, though it does get a bit repetitive.
20. Manderlay
    von Trier's "USA Trilogy" is turning into a very fulfulling and interesting endeavor.
21. Snakes on a Plane
    A fun B-movie thrill ride.
22. She's the Man
    Generally cute and funny... plus I have a thing for Amanda Bynes.
23. Evil
    Standard story but very well done. If Andreas Wilson can speak English he could be an international star.
24. The Death of Mr. Lazarescu
    The intentionally deliberate pace eventually wears on you in this admirable effort.
25. Night Watch
    Stylish and a solid setup for the trilogy.
26. A Prairie Home Companion
    Consistently pleasant.
27. A Good Woman
    Fun and entertaining adaptation of Oscar Wilde's play, Lady Windermere's Fan.
28. Water
    Beautiful film created controversy in India.
29. One Last Thing
    Charming and touching... Michael Angarano has the makings of a star.
30. Swimmers
    Small tale delivers on an emotional level.
31. Imagine Me and You
    Appealing lead performances with a strong supporting cast drive this entertaining romantic comedy.
32. Battle in Heaven
    Contemplative film about the search for redemption forces you to spend time with unlikeable characters.
33. El Perro
    Would be the favorite in the best performance by an animal category.
34. The Break-Up
    The stars keep it entertaining.
35. Somersault
    Abbie Cornish could become the "next Naomi Watts."
36. The Devil Wears Prada
    Hathaway's one note performance can't keep up with Streep.
37. A Scanner Darkly
    The dreamlike state of animation succeeded in making me pretty sleepy.
38. The Illusionist
    Very skilled workmanlike effort. Doesn't break any new ground but retreads pretty well.
39. My Country, My Country
    Interesting, if not quite exceptional documentary on the Iraq elections.
40. Clerks II
    A few funny moments, but Smith has seemingly mellowed, and that's not a good thing.
41. Down in the Valley
    Good until it suffers from the too many endings syndrome.

The Fair
42. Step Up
    Nothing you haven't seen many times before, but fairly entertaining.
43. Heading South
    Great cast, interesting premise, but doesn't fully deliver.
44. Cavite
    Serviceable indie thriller.
45. Peaceful Warrior
    Corny, but the Nolte/Mechlowicz version of the Miyagi/Daniel-san relationship actually pretty much works.
46. Wordplay
    Entertaining, but never completely delivers.
47. The Ordeal
    A nice attempt to take a standard horror plot to new places, but it doesn't quite work.
48. World Trade Center
    The most constant emotion I felt during the movie was guilt about the boredom I was feeling.
49. Last Holiday
    Somewhat appealing, but pretty flat overall.
50. Brothers of the Head
    Such a bizarre idea, it should have been more entertaining.
51. Little Fish
    Somewhat predictable been there done that story raised by strong performances.
52. Grandma's Boy
    Not a particularly *good* movie, but enough fun to make it passable.
53. The Heart of the Game
    Decent, but definitely no Hoop Dreams.
54. Why We Fight
    Interesting idea, but felt aimless.
55. Accepted
    Blah, blah, blah, just so very blah although Justin Long is an appealing leading everyman.
56. Something New
    Not much chemistry between the two leads.
57. Unknown White Male
    Starts off compelling, but loses steam and becomes somewhat repetitive.
58. Sorry, Haters
    I really can't make up my mind exactly what to think about this one.
59. The Quiet
    Teen thriller that is never very thrilling.
60. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
    Dreadfully boring first half, gets mildly better in the second half.

The Bad
61. The House of Sand
    It feels like you've been stuck in a desert with them, and not in a good way.
62. The Proposition
    It just didn't deliver for me.
63. The Da Vinci Code
    Adaptation completely without energy.
64. ATL
    Cliches all over the place.
65. Adam and Steve
    Falls into many of the traps of gay movies. A couple laughs, but that's it.
66. Hostel
    Not scary, not disturbing, just boring.
67. BloodRayne
    Really should be a direct to video title.
68. The Mistress of Spices
    Romance minus chemistry equals tedium.
69. Tamara
    A mess of a movie.
70. Nacho Libre
    I laughed exactly one and a half times.
71. The Omen
    Unnecessary remake a chore to sit through.
72. John Tucker Must Die
    Not a single laugh, and some of the worst acting in a major studio release.
73. End of the Spear
    The acting and writing is below average, but it's the editing that's particularly bad.

The Ugly
74. Final Destination 3
    The DVD has a choose your own adventure option. I recommend choosing to turn it off.
75. 50 Ways of Saying Fabulous
    More like 50 ways of saying this movie stinks.
76. Running Scared
    Poorly written, acted, filmed... atrociously bad and offensive (not because of the violence, but because of the ridiculousness and incoherence.)



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