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I See Lots of Movies
1. How to Train Your Dragon
    Encapsulates everything that is special about pet ownership. Between this and Lilo & Stitch, Chris Sanders has proven himself to be a splendid storyteller.
2. Inception
    Redefines science fiction for the next decade in the same way The Matrix did in 1999.
3. The Ghost Writer
    The genius of this movie is that walking the same path as the previous ghost writer, Ewan McGregor's character realizes he is facing a bad end yet he cannot stop researching the events anyway.
4. True Grit
    Perhaps the most amazing part of my love of this film is that I don't like westerns. True Grit is the closest thing to Deadwood I've seen. That's high praise from a Deadwood fanatic.
5. The Social Network
    The Switzerland of 2010 cinema, The Social Network has no good guys or bad guys, just a bunch of young guys who are in over their heads. The result is captivating.
6. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
    Forced to deviate from the yet to be published final book, Edgar Wright unearths an equally satisfying resolution to a winning story. An instant classic.
7. Easy A
    A warm hug of a movie, Easy A has an uplifting message of tolerance and support yet it never forgets to be funny, either. It even make me like Patricia Clarkson for a change.
8. Red
    Yes, this film seems like a Space Cowboys ripoff but since I love that movie, I'm okay with it. Red has several brilliant acting performances along with a solid story.
9. The Town
    I was hooked inside of a minute. From beginning to end, this is exactly my type of heist film. The late Pete Postlethwaite is particularly noteworthy as the local kingpin.
10. Exit through the Gift Shop
    You have to wait until you get to the end in order to appreciate the journey. At that point, it's like looking out from the top of a mountain. The view is breathtaking.
11. Buried
    This list is comprised of several movies whose twist endings I found unsatisfying. Buried, on the other hand, has a twist that is right in line with the rest of the story and works brilliantly as well
12. Tangled
    Yes, Disney has been telling variations of this story for 75 years now, but they still manage to get it right almost every time. The animation in this is the most visually stimulating of 2010.
13. Winter's Bone
    One of the best movies I never want to see again, Winter's Bone features two different memorable characters as well as a resolution whose memory haunts me to this day.
14. Despicable Me
    "It's so fluffly!" is my favorite random quote of 2010.
15. Iron Man 2
    The symmetry between bitter Russian inventor Ivan Venko and driven American capitalist Tony Stark is great moviemaking. Iron Man 2 isn't as good as the original, but it is a worthy sequel.
16. The Crazies
    Jaded as I am to the horror genre, movies seldom creep me out these days. The Crazies is that rare exception.
17. Green Zone
    For the third time, Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass tell a story that captivates me. I particularly appreciate the cynical climax.
18. Toy Story 3
    A great and fitting ending to the trilogy isn't enough for me to overlook that this is all ground the series has covered before.
19. Knight and Day
    This joins Mission: Impossible III on the list of great Tom Cruise flicks undone by America's aggravation with Tom Cruise. I always love a good Charade knock-off.
20. The Girl Who Played with Fire
    My favorite of the three films, it strips away a lot of the book's eccentricities, making the best choices of the trilogy along the way. And they get the ending right, which is crucial.
21. Black Swan
    I admire the film more than I love it, but Portman's evolving bravado is dazzling to watch.
22. The Losers
    At this point, if you choose to use Don't Stop Believin', you better get it right. To its credit, The Losers does, which demonstrates the confidence of the production. It deserved a better fate.
23. Hot Tub Time Machine
    The running gag about Crispin Glover's arm is brilliant. I also love Motley Lue so much I bought the url.
24. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I
    I never agreed with people who felt the first half of the book was too slow, but the movie lacks the appropriate level of oomph. They have saved -everything- noteworthy for the finale.
25. The American
    Five minutes into the movie, I was already lost in admiration for Clooney for taking this part. It's certainly not for everyone, but it worked for me.
26. Harry Brown
    Never piss off Michael Caine. The scene where he is in the drug den is one of my favorites of 2010 as well as an acting clinic.
27. Rabbit Hole
    Yes, this is a very sad movie, but the acting performances are among the best of the year. If you can handle the lamentations, you'll be glad you watched.
28. Micmacs
    Perhaps too sloppy at times, Micmacs still won me over with its heart and its positivity. Also, Elastic Girl is a brilliant character.
29. Resident Evil: Afterlife
    Film school classes should study the brilliant build-up of the axe-swinging guy. That's how you slowly tease an audience, heightening their anticipation.
30. Takers
    Really good heist flick in spite of Paul Walker. Rap star TI is a revelation as Ghost.
31. Predators
    Very clever action scenes underscore Rodriguez's point that a great cast of actors is a much better solution than a bunch of muscleheads (see: The Expendables).
32. The King's Speech
    A brilliant performance from Geoffrey Rush elevates the film in my eyes, but it's quite paint by numbers otherwise. Waaaaaay overrated.
33. Ondine
    Small scale triumph that demonstrates fairy tales don't need big budgets and high drama.
34. The Tillman Story
    Even if you know the story well, the documentary will trigger your outrage button over and over again.
35. Crazy on the Outside
    I know that most critics despise this film; I am of the opinion that Tim Allen used his personal history to make an engaging little film. I laughed a lot.
36. 127 Hours
    There were moments in the film that surprised me. It's largely just one great performance with too many slow scenes, but it works for what it is.
37. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
    Has to discard several key elements in order to make the movie less than 7 hours long, but still gets the core right.
38. Ramona and Beezus
    Never having been a young girl (no matter what you've heard), I didn't find it all that relatable. I was charmed by Selena Gomez, though.
39. Just Wright
    One of the most surprising developments of 2010 was that Queen Latifah and Common had great onscreen chemistry.
40. Machete
    Exactly what it promises to be: a dude with a machete chopping up bad guys. Robert De Niro is also great in a supporting role as a corrupt politician.
41. The Tourist
    These are two of my favorite leads in Hollywood, which explains why I found it more tolerable than most critics. I hope they work together again on a better script because they ooze sexuality.
42. Date Night
    Affable film overreaches too often, but it's comfortable in a way that reminds me of vanilla ice cream, the part of the Neopolitan I always left for everyone else.
43. City Island
    Andy Garcia offers one of my favorite performances of the year in this, one of the most pleasant surprises of 2010 cinema.
44. The Kids Are All Right
    Overhyped, overrated, and ordinary to the core. Annette Bening's character actively alienates me, which undercuts excellent work by Mark Ruffalo.
45. Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps
    Everything about this movie works for me except for Shia LaBeouf, which makes it all the more unfortunate that he is in almost every scene. Still good, though.
46. The Last Exorcism
    Yes, the ending is horrible. Before that, I was caught off guard by this engaging take on the first person camera horror genre. 75 minutes of it is quite good.
47. Step Up 3D
    This is the best Step Up movie, which is like being the best behaved Baldwin brother.
48. Brooklyn's Finest
    Several intersecting arcs blend seamlessly in a very well acted drama.
49. Diary of a Wimpy Kid
    The rare movie for young boys that isn't sweet or sentimental but instead understanding of their plight. Highly recommended for kids.
50. Get Him to The Greek
    As uneven a comedy you will ever see, but the Come On Eileen scene is one of the funniest I've ever watched.
51. Lottery Ticket
    Yes, it's stupid in parts, but the genial message won me over in the end.
52. The Fighter
    I love the sisters, but the rest of the movie is a low rent Rocky clone, blasphemous though that may be to some. I vastly prefer Mark Wahlberg's other sports movie, Invincible.
53. Restrepo
    Powerful story is too depressing for me, but lofty praise for it is completely justified. Important warning: it's almost a snuff film at one point.
54. Remember Me
    The leads have tremendous chemistry. Plus, there is a wonderful scene involving a brother taking care of his kid sister. But that, is that ever ill considered.
55. Oceans
    Surprisingly, Pierce Brosnan isn't a good narrator in that his voice puts me to sleep. I highly recommend the crab army battle in the middle of this movie, though. It's *amazing* footage.
56. She's Out of My League
    Doesn't aim very high, which is exactly why it achieves the success it does. Mostly harmless fun that won't challenge your brain.
57. Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief
    Too silly at times, I think this shows a lot of promise as a franchise although the book is probably better.
58. Inside Job
    Watching this movie may have given me an ulcer. It's infuriating.
59. The A-Team
    Don't let the critics who never gave it a chance ruin this for you. There are a few great action sequences, over the top though they may be.
60. The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Next
    So stripped down that it is almost unrecognizable compared to the back. The Hollywood remakes will face the same problem. At least the court scene is good.
61. Letters to Juliet
    Once the movie explained its title, I was glad to know that story and research it further. The leads don't have good chemistry, though that's not Amanda Seyfried's fault in the least.
62. Edge of Darkness
    Mel Gibson plays an angry dude. What acting range. Ray Winstone is really good in this, though.
63. Kick-Ass
    Mark Millar is the Jerry Springer of comic book movies. All he does is mine lonely male fantasies with extreme violence.
64. The Joneses
    There are several good ideas in the movie that merit further exploration. I wasn't crazy about the ending, but it's not bad at all for a box office bomb.
65. Shutter Island
    There were legitimately four different times when I thought, "I hope they don't do that". They did that all four times. Less twists would have made for a much better movie. So very frustrating.
66. Extraordinary Measures
    I know that everyone hates on this film, but I though the examination of how pills get developed makes the movie at least somewhat interesting in spite of the overacting.
67. The Book of Eli
    Doesn't quite work anyway, but the twist makes it oh so much worse.
68. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
    Takes itself far too seriously to pass for enjoyable. They did get the videogame character's skillset right, though. That's a huge plus for me.
69. Repo Men
    For over half the movie, I was ready to anoint this a pleasant surprise. The last twenty minutes, I wanted someone to suffer for my misery.
70. Robin Hood
    It's no Robin Hood: Men in Tights. PS: Hey, Russell Crowe! Lighten up, dude. Nobody likes a mean drunk.
71. Letters to God
    Well intended, intentionally preachy film gets credit for being a great true story told with class and dignity.
72. Megamind
    I would have enjoyed this so much more if 1) it hadn't totally ripped off Dr. Horrible and 2) they had cast anyone but Jonah Hill.
73. The Next Three Days
    Everyone at the pitch meeting should have known this was a trainwreck waiting to happen. What did they do instead? Send more trains.
74. Going the Distance
    I loved the concept and the trailer, unlike most of you, but was non-plussed by the film itself, like most of you.
75. Salt
    Builds the mystery nicely right up until we learn who Salt is. The movie completely falls apart after that, ending in an absurd shootout.
76. The Last Song
    I didn't mind the movie but I also felt as if it should have been quite a bit better. Cyrus has a lot of natural talent, though.
77. Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married Too?
    Tyler Perry has grown as a director and I am not just saying that. This film was only a few moments and two heinous characters away from being quite good.
78. The Runaways
    A great story told very, very poorly.
79. The Bounty Hunter
    A decent first 40 minutes transforms into a monotous, grueling final hour.
80. The Killer Inside Me
    Overtly sexual performances distract away from a rather insipid story of dirty cop homicide.
81. Dear John
    Nicholas Sparks must die in order that various fictional characters he has written may live.
82. Legion
    A great concept has some good moments but left me wanting on the whole.
83. The Spy Next Door
    Jackie Chan is getting older while his movies cater to even younger crowds each iteration.
84. Youth in Revolt
    The story meanders along the path without ever going anywhere notable.
85. The Good Guy
    I almost certainly would have liked this more if The Good Guy himself weren't so dull an actor *and* character.
86. Our Family Wedding
    Would have been a lot better if they hadn't gone for zany so often.
87. Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole
    Given the exhorbitant price of an IMAX ticket, this offered the least bang for the buck of anything I saw in 2010. The brother character was utterly unbelievable.
88. Alpha and Omega
    Tries hard but there isn't enough story to match the animation. I think there is promise here.
89. Marmaduke
    They should have done a Family Circus movie instead.
90. Skyline
    I liked the first 20 minutes, but the reveal as well as everything involving the aliens doesn't work at all, problematic in an alien invasion flick.
91. All Good Things
    Yikes, this is a terrible story whose leads make you want to watch it even though you know it won't end well for anybody. Yikes I say again.
92. Devil
    The idea of 12 Angry Men as a horror film is not new and the claustrophobia here is simply not atmospheric enough.
93. Nanny McPhee Returns
    More thought should be placed into how we prevent her from returning again. Suddenly, I'm all for locking down the borders before this particular alien immigrant can return.
94. The Switch
    Jason Bateman and the kid have a good working chemistry but everything else here is least common denominator.
95. Eat Pray Love
    Richard Jenkins is phenomenal. Everything else about this movie is a chore.
96. The Sorcerer's Apprentice
    I bet the motions would appreciate it if Nic Cage stopped going through them.
97. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
    Nowhere near as insufferable as the previous two but still lacking in focus or story.
98. A Nightmare on Elm Street
    Jackie Earle Haley is very well cast, but everything about the movie is a miss. With a solid script, he could do great things as Freddy Krueger.
99. Furry Vengeance
    Aptly titled.
100. The Back-Up Plan
    Jennifer Lopez films seem to be feast or famine. Like most of them, this falls into the famine category.
101. The Expendables
    I honestly believe that you, the reader, could have made a better movie with this cast than Stallone did.
102. Alice in Wonderland
    Great special effects are in no way, shape or form the same as a great story. This is one of the great FUBARs of the 2000s, but they're laughing to the tune of a billion dollars.
103. Shrek Forever After
    It's funny because the cat is fat. Like Garfield!
104. Leap Year
    I like Amy Adams a lot and since she's onscreen most of the time, I can almost overlook how awful this script is. Almost.
105. The Wolfman
    I just don't understand how a group of smart and accomplished people can so completely mess up a classic like this.
106. Tooth Fairy
    I might have loved this movie when I was 8. Alas, I haven't been 8 for a while.
107. From Paris With Love
    Dear Paris: It's not you, it's me. Please don't ever call, email or text again.
108. Valentine's Day
    Part of it is quite sweet, but this movie features some of the worst acting in recent memory. I'd be hard pressed to name three worse performances in the same movie.
109. Death at a Funeral (Screen Gems)
    I absolutely loved the cast, but the movie itself fundamentally disappoints.
110. Daybreakers
    I was very much looking forward to an old school vampire movie, but Daybreakers misses the mark, even for fang fans.
111. The Last Airbender
    M. Night Shyamalan would have been remembered so much differently if he had been hit by a bus while on the set of The Village. The child actors in this one are awful, even for children.
112. Piranha 3D
    I was with the film for the first half hour but then it lost me completely. By the last scene, I was begging for the credits to roll.
113. Bitch Slap The Movie
    I had high hopes, but it was not my type of B movie, relying far too much on gore without enough humor.
114. Splice
    I was as excited for this as any summer movie. The problem is that when the story went for it, I did not go with them. Ick.
115. Killers
    The fact that Katherine Heigl's movies keep getting worse is all the more amazing given that 27 Dresses was terrible to start.
116. Sex and the City 2
    Better than the first one. Yes, I just damned it with the faintest of praise.
117. Clash of the Titans
    Excitement on a par with dropping a letter in the mailbox, but mailing the letter doesn't take two hours.
118. When in Rome
    Even I don't love Kristen Bell this much.
119. Vampires Suck
    The last joke is good. Otherwise, this satire misses despite having the easiest target in recent memory.
120. MacGruber
    An absolutely gutless attempt at action comedy satire. I miss Hot Shots.
121. Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore
    If you're out of diapers, you've already outgrown this movie.
122. Saw 3D
    Quite possibly the least plausible twist of the past decade. I actively resent it.
123. Jonah Hex
    I'd like to thank the producers for having the decency at least to keep the movie short. What an atrocity.



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