Coming Out

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That's not a soccer ball, Alan.

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When Gay Men Play Rugby might sound like a Fox TV special, but this concept is instead the foundation for a movie starring Alan Cumming, aka Nightcrawler.

Based on an idea by the brother of Catherine "All That Jazz" Zeta-Jones, Coming Out tells the story of an unlucky Welsh rugby team. Already beset with bankrupty issues, the team is further kicked while they're down due to the untimely death of their coach. Due to a quirk of the will, the new owner, the coach's son, is not at all experienced in the sport of rugby. Instead, this character (played by Cumming) has historically made his living as an actor on the West End, England's precursor to Broadway.

And, oh yeah, he's flamboyantly homosexual.

So, how well does a small town accept that their struggling rugby team is now under the care of a man so gay that even the Queer Eye guys feel should butch up a bit? Not very well. What follows is a humorous take on small towns and small minded prejudices, many of which are certain to involve pratfalls by Cumming.

Since her brother came up with the idea, it's probably not very shocking that Zeta-Jones also co-stars in the movie. She portrays a local hairdresser who winds up falling in love with the brother of Cumming's character. Why that guy doesn't inherit the team instead is a subject of some suspicion we will have to wait to have answered once the movie is released.

For her part, Ms. All That Jazz describes the movie as Billy Elliott meets The Full Monty...but with musical sequences. This movie is either going to be pure genius or the Marci X of 2004. Either way, color us intrigued. (David Mumpower/BOP)

Vital statistics for Coming Out
Main Cast Alan Cumming, Catherine Zeta-Jones
Director Sara Sugarman
Screenwriter Sara Sugarman, Kevin Allen
Talent in red has entry in The Big Picture



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