Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!

Release Date: January 23, 2004

Kate Bosworth looks on in frustration as the boys form a love connection.

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25/92 David Mumpower Topher Grace is even better here than in his scene-stealing cameo in Ocean's 11.
127/133 Dan Krovich So much eye candy, so painful to watch

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As a publicity stunt to promote Tad Hamilton’s new movie, a “win a dream date” contest for a chance to spend a night on the town with the hot young actor is held. The winner, a Piggly Wiggly checkout clerk from West Virginia named Rosalee, turns out to be much more engaging than the hot-shot actor imagined, and Tad finds himself falling for the down-to-Earth Rosalee. He treks to her hometown to profess his undying love, only to find his path to romance unexpectedly blocked by Rosalee’s best friend and fellow Piggly Wiggly worker, Pete, who decides to admit his long-standing feelings for his pal rather than lose her to the big-shot actor. At the apex of the romantic triangle, Rosalee realizes she must choose between the friend who’s always been there for her, and the dreamboat that launched a thousand pubescent crushes.

Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!!! marks the big-screen debut of Josh Duhamel, who portrays the eponymous movie star. Duhamel is best known as Leo DuPres, the role he played for three years on the soap All My Children. Now this likely means little to many of you, but what it boils down to is a built-in audience for this film, as many of AMC’s devoted fans will turn out to see “Leo’s movie”. With most of the other members of the cast and crew not being long in the credits, DreamWorks will likely play up this angle as the release date, currently reported to be first-quarter 2004, gets closer. And if, as one suspects, Duhamel’s easygoing charm translates well to the silver screen, DreamWorks could be rewarded for its choice of a relative unknown in this role with a sleeper hit on its books to help kick off 2004. (Stephanie Star Smith/BOP)

Vital statistics for Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!
Main Cast Kate Bosworth, Josh Duhamel, Topher Grace, Ginnifer Goodwin, Nathan Lane
Supporting Cast Gary Cole, Kathryn Hahn, Sean Hayes, Paris Hilton, Katherine Joosten, Octavia Spencer, Jay Underwood
Director Robert Luketic
Screenwriter Victor Levin
Distributor DreamWorks
Trailer Click Here for Trailer
Official Site
Rating PG-13
Running Time 95 minutes
Screen Count 2,711
Talent in red has entry in The Big Picture

Comparison films for Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!
Adjusted Opening
Total BO
Adjusted Total
Notting Hill 5/28/9922.13 26.37 2745 8062.00 9204.6 116.09 138.34 4.19
Legally Blonde 7/13/0120.38 21.75 2620 7778.00 7984.5 95.66 102.09 4.69
Two Weeks Notice 12/20/0214.40 14.97 2755 5227.00 5227.0 93.35 97.05 6.48



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