Jimmy Neutron 2

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I prefer his political enemy, Joey Electron.

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One of our early trailer reviews that compared the first Jimmy Neutron film to Dexter’s Laboratory proved one thing. The people involved in this project are very proud of the work they’re producing and they aren't afraid to politely, but emphatically, express that pride. If that loyalty and devotion are any indication of quality, expect the sequel to be nothing short of spectacular.

In December of 2001, Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius became a surprise breakout hit. A CGI production on a bare bones budget ($30 million), the movie wound up making $80 million during its North American theatrical run alone, meaning that it was a success even before ancillary income started coming in. Thanks to these stellar results from DNA Productions, a television show called “The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius” was spun off from the film for the Nickelodeon network and a theatrical movie sequel was greenlighted. Score one for the little guys!

The new film, which will be as simply but elegantly produced as the first, will continue the story of the adventures of boy genius inventor and Retroville inhabitant Jimmy Neutron. This young man is the creator of many wondrous things, including robot dog and rocket ships, and in his first movie adventure he even got to journey to outer space to save the parents of his town. For the sequel, Jimmy is sure to event more outrageous stuff and embark on a new adventure to some far out place.

Sequels to animated films usually under-perform in comparison to their predecessors, but with Jimmy Neutron, he was a virtually unknown commodity when the first film was released and rode a wave of good word-of-mouth to an outstanding box office total. Now that his popularity has had a chance to grow both on DVD and through his television show, this follow-up might just break a rather long-standing trend. (Kim Hollis/BOP)

Vital statistics for Jimmy Neutron 2
Main Cast Debi Derryberry, Rob Paulsen, Frank Welker, Megan Cavanagh
Supporting Cast Mark DeCarlo, Jeffrey Garcia, Carolyn Lawrence, Andrea Martin, Candi Milo, Crystal Scales
Director John A. Davis
Screenwriter Jed Springam
Distributor Paramount
Talent in red has entry in The Big Picture

Comparison films for Jimmy Neutron 2
Adjusted Opening
Total BO
Adjusted Total
Finding Nemo 5/30/0370.25 70.25 3374 20821.00 20821.0 339.71 339.71 4.84
Monsters, Inc. 11/2/0163.48 67.75 3237 19611.00 20131.6 255.87 273.09 4.03
Toy Story 2 11/24/9957.39 68.39 3236 17735.00 20248.6 245.82 292.94 3.05
Ice Age 3/15/0246.30 48.13 3316 13966.00 13966.0 176.39 183.39 3.81
Shrek 5/18/0142.35 45.20 3587 11805.00 12118.4 267.65 285.66 6.32
Bug's Life, A 11/25/9832.83 42.20 2686 12223.00 15115.9 162.79 209.29 3.56
Toy Story 11/24/9529.14 40.39 2457 11860.00 15813.3 191.78 265.84 4.90
Antz 10/2/9817.20 22.11 2449 7023.00 8685.2 90.71 116.62 5.27
Jimmy Neutron:Boy Genius 12/21/0113.83 14.76 3139 4407.00 4524.0 80.86 86.30 5.74



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