Release Date: February 17, 2006
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Say you loved Who's The Man or I'll break the other wrist, too

On the Big Board
Position Staff In Brief
56/68 Michael Bentley Julianne Moore cries and screams her way through a meager and cynical take on race relations.
113/159 David Mumpower Pointless melodrama is amplified by Samuel L. Jackson's best performance in recent memory.

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Based on the bestselling novel by Richard Price (Clockers), Freedomland is a grim look at inner-city desolation in New Jersey. The story begins with Brenda Martin stumbling into an emergency room, bruised and bloodied from injuries. The woman says that she has been carjacked, and that the black man who stole her car managed to get away with her four-year-old son in the backseat.

Lorenzo Council is a veteran detective assigned to the case, and believes Brenda's story may have some holes. Nonetheless, he begins an all-out search for the child. Even as he does so, an ambitious local newspaper reporter named Jesse Haus also has suspicions about the woman's story, and befriends Brenda in an effort to cover what might wind up being the biggest story of her career. Making matters extremely difficult, however, is the fact that as the search for the carjacker grows ever more intense, racial tensions between two cities, one predominantly black, the other primarily white, threaten to explode into violence.

Joe Roth takes time out of his busy schedule of heading up Revolution Studios to direct this one, and he has a pretty stellar cast with which to work.. Samuel L. Jackson has the role of Detective Lorenzo Council, and Julianne Moore portrays Brenda Martin. Edie Falco breaks type from her role as Carmela Soprano to play the newspaper reporter. (Kim Hollis/BOP)

Vital statistics for Freedomland
Main Cast Samuel L. Jackson, Julianne Moore
Supporting Cast Edie Falco, Ron Eldard, Anthony Mackie, Aunjanue Ellis
Director Joe Roth
Screenwriter Richard Price
Distributor Sony/Revolution Studios
Trailer Click Here for Trailer
Official Site
Rating R
Screen Count 2,361
Talent in red has entry in The Big Picture

Comparison films for Freedomland
Adjusted Opening
Total BO
Adjusted Total
Shaft 6/16/0021.71 24.28 2337 9290.00 9996.7 70.30 78.64 3.24
Along Came a Spider 4/6/0116.71 17.83 2530 6606.00 6781.4 74.06 79.04 4.43
Kiss the Girls 10/3/9713.22 17.36 2271 5821.00 7355.5 60.50 79.47 4.58
Do The Right Thing 6/30/895.06 7.64 353 14334.00 20836.4 26.00 39.29 5.14
Clockers 9/15/954.46 6.18 1208 3692.00 4922.7 12.99 18.00 2.71
24 Hour Party People 8/16/020.14 0.14 18 7742.00 7742.0 1.13 1.17 7.67



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