Release Date: January 16, 2004

Ice Cube would do better at this game if he'd turn it on.

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Position Staff In Brief
67/92 David Mumpower You probably thought it couldn't get any worse than 2 Fast 2 Furious. You were wrong.
114/126 Kim Hollis It's amusing in an MST3K kind of way, but that's all.

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Torque draws frequent comparisons to The Fast and the Furious, and probably for good reason. It’s an action movie that involves a lot of racing - only this time it’s motorcycles instead of tricked-out cars. The plot revolves around Cary Ford (The Ring’s Martin Henderson), a lifelong biker who is framed for murder by a rival named Henry (Matt Schulze, fresh off the bad guy role in The Transporter). Henry is in charge of a biker gang called the Hellions, and the murder victim in question happens to be Sleepy D, the brother of Trey Wallace (Ice Cube). Wallace fronts a motorcycle gang known as The Machine, an infamous group that is feared across the country. Caught up in the circumstances, Cary and his friends are forced to go on the run as they have both Trey’s gang and the FBI hot on their trail. Jaime Pressly plays Henry’s girlfriend.

The film marks the feature film debut of prolific music video director Joseph Kahn, who is well-respected for his fine work on videos such as Eminem’s Without Me and Moby’s We Are All Made of Stars (attention, irony police!). With his involvement, Torque should be a stylish affair with plenty of action.

With a target audience solidly falling in the all-important young male demographic, Torque has all the marks of a sleeper waiting to happen. The danger is that the concept may feel stale and copied, and the audience is certainly a fickle crowd. What was cool in 2000 is likely to be dull and uninteresting in 2003. If it’s sold as a high-flying actioner with tons of stunts and thrills, it still has a great shot at striking that chord. (Kim Hollis/BOP)

Vital statistics for Torque
Main Cast Ice Cube, Martin Henderson, Jaime Pressly
Supporting Cast Monet Mazur, Will Yun Lee, Jay Hernandez, Faizon Love, Justina Machado, Christina Milian, Nichole Robinson, Matt Schulze, Adam Scott, Fredro Starr
Director Joseph Kahn
Screenwriter Matt Johnson; rewrites by J.P. Donahue, Kevin Polay
Distributor Warner Bros.
Official Site
Rating PG-13
Running Time 94 minutes
Screen Count 2,463
Talent in red has entry in The Big Picture

Comparison films for Torque
Adjusted Opening
Total BO
Adjusted Total
2 Fast 2 Furious 6/6/0350.47 50.47 3408 14810.00 14810.0 127.08 127.08 2.52
Fast and the Furious, The 6/22/0140.09 42.78 2628 15255.00 15660.0 144.51 154.23 3.60
Barbershop 9/13/0220.63 21.44 1605 12852.00 12852.0 75.07 78.05 3.64
Next Friday 1/14/0014.44 16.15 1103 13092.00 14087.9 57.18 63.96 3.12
Friday After Next 11/22/0213.01 13.52 1616 8052.00 8052.0 32.98 34.28 2.53
Driven 4/27/0112.17 12.98 2905 4190.00 4301.2 32.62 34.81 2.68
All About the Benjamins 3/8/0210.13 10.53 1505 6731.00 6731.0 25.48 26.49 2.52
Biker Boyz 1/31/0310.11 10.11 1766 5723.00 5723.0 21.91 21.91 2.17
Friday 4/28/956.59 9.13 865 7618.00 10157.3 27.39 37.96 3.93



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