The Hard Word

Release Date: June 13, 2003
Limited release

The Hard Word

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We've seen a lot of crime/gangster movies lately from England. Now, Australia's getting into the act with debut director Scott Roberts heading up the production.

The story focuses on the three career-criminal Twentyman brothers - the older and "wiser" Dale (Guy Pearce), the calm and serene Malcolm (Damien Richardson), and the loose cannon Shane (Joel Edgerton). They are part of a burglary ring that operates out of the local prison. They use their connections on the inside to line up jobs when they're on the outside. They're also helped along by their slick and sleazy lawyer Frank (Robert Taylor). The brothers’ non-lethal robbery style has made them a lot of dough, but now Frank is trying to set up their biggest heist ever which could end up costing the brothers their lives. And to make matters worse, Frank isn't exactly thinking with the head on top of his shoulders (if you know what I mean). While Dale has been spending time in the slammer, Frank's been spending time with Dale's wife (Rachel

Director Roberts didn't have a huge budget to back him up for this venture so he's made up for the big blow-up stunts by using great dialogue and on-location shooting, rather than building new sets. This production has been compared to Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs in terms of its dialogue. That's some pretty big shoes to fill, but it seems that Roberts has done it admirably.

The Hard Word was shot in Australia during August and September 2001. It had its Australian release May 30, 2002. After having its U.S. release delayed a few times already, it looks like it will finally get into theaters. The good word-of-mouth this movie has been getting should make it a popular selection at independent film venues across the country. (Marty Doskins/BOP)

Vital statistics for The Hard Word
Main Cast Guy Pearce, Joel Edgerton, Damien Richardson
Supporting Cast Rachel Griffiths, Robert Taylor
Director Scott Roberts
Screenwriter Scott Roberts
Distributor Lions Gate
Trailer Click Here for Trailer
Official Site
Rating R
Running Time 102 minutes
Screen Count 1
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