Meet the Fockers

Release Date: December 22, 2004


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Robert DeNiro is one of the finest actors Hollywood has ever seen, but it was still surprising to most moviegoers what a deft comedic touch he has proven to have. With his performances in Analyze This and Meet the Parents, he emphatically demonstrated that he is the perfect comedic foil for hyper and/or nervous counterparts such as Billy Crystal and Ben Stiller. The proof of this is in the fact that both films attained a level of success that created studio desire for a sequel. Analyze That will reach theaters first, of course, but Meet the Fokkers is the much more exciting project.

The concept of the original movie is one of the most simplistic and simultaneously malevolent in recent memory. After all, there is nothing more universal than the idea of meeting your loved one's parents for the first time, or the corollary of being the one making the introductions to your parents. It's the very definition of an awkward moment to begin with. Making the father a man like Robert DeNiro is truly inspired, and the proof of the film's success is the nearly $300 million in world-wide receipts. A sequel was an eventuality with the only concern being that the last name of Focker is a bit *ahem* risqué with regards to potential misspellings in press clippings. So, one letter has been switched out and voila! Green-light!

The premise for Meet the Parents has been duly noted as similar to Father of the Bride, with the only real difference being who the protagonist of the film is. This makes even more sense when we consider that Ben Stiller has the comic timing of a young Steve Martin (and arguably the acting skill of a young Spencer Tracy; I think he's that good) but the producers of Meet the Parents decided that they wouldn't follow the story path of Father's Little Dividend and give the younger couple a baby. Instead, the film is predicated upon one silly little thought from the first film about what sort of people would name a child Gay Fokker. In the sequel, we will...wait for the Fokkers, Gay's zany parents who are night-and-day different from Jack and Pam Byrnes AKA DeNiro and Blythe Danner.

For now, there is still no confirmed casting of the title roles in the film, but if Jay Roach does as expected and follows up Austin Powers in Goldmember with this sequel, these announcements should be on the horizon and the film should be ready for release in 2003. As long as Sports Night goddess Teri Polo is back though (and she is), who really cares? (David Mumpower/BOP)

August 27, 2003
Although this movie was originally supposed to be released some time in 2003, as of this writing, we still don't have casting information for the titular Fokker parents and we have yet to hear of an official production start date. It looks like 2004 is the earliest we can expect this one (which must be making Stiller nervous, what with the dubious looking prospectus for Duplex and Envy.) (Jennifer Turnock/BOP)

October 9, 2003 Variety reports that Jay Roach has committed to a 2004 production start date for Meet the Fokker/Focker/Fookers, after finally agreeing to stop dithering around with the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy movie adaptation.
(Jennifer Turnock/BOP)

March 11, 2004
After announcing the additional of Dustin Hoffman as Mr. Focker (bet that's not the first time he's been referred to in those terms), the producers have announced that they are in final negotiations with Barbra Streisand for the role of Mother Focker. (It's the cheap joke that keeps on giving!)

This movie will mark the third time Hoffman and DeNiro have acted together (the first two being Wag the Dog and the star-studded Sleepers) and the *seventh* movie collaboration for Stiller and Wilson. (Jennifer Turnock/BOP)

Vital statistics for Meet the Fockers
Main Cast Ben Stiller, Robert De Niro, Teri Polo, Dustin Hoffman, Barbra Streisand
Supporting Cast Blythe Danner, Owen Wilson
Director Jay Roach
Screenwriter Chris Weitz, Paul Weitz, James Herzfeld
Distributor Universal
Trailer Click Here for Trailer
Official Site
Rating PG-13
Running Time 115 minutes
Screen Count 3,518
Talent in red has entry in The Big Picture

Comparison films for Meet the Fockers
Adjusted Opening
Total BO
Adjusted Total
Meet the Parents 10/6/0028.62 32.01 2614 10949.00 11781.9 166.23 185.96 5.81
Score, The 7/13/0119.02 20.30 2129 8933.00 9170.2 71.07 75.85 3.74
Analyze This 3/5/9918.38 21.90 2518 7299.00 8333.5 106.69 127.14 5.80
Zoolander 9/28/0115.70 16.75 2507 6262.00 6428.2 45.16 48.19 2.88
Showtime 3/15/0215.01 15.60 2917 5142.00 5142.0 37.95 39.45 2.53
Domestic Disturbance 11/2/0114.03 14.97 2910 4822.00 4950.0 45.21 48.25 3.22
Men of Honor 11/10/0013.34 14.92 2092 6377.00 6862.1 48.75 54.53 3.65
Ronin 9/25/9812.70 16.32 2487 5107.00 6315.7 41.61 53.49 3.28
Father of the Bride 2 12/8/9511.13 15.42 1949 5711.00 7614.7 76.59 106.16 6.88
Analyze That 12/6/0211.03 11.46 2635 4186.00 4186.0 32.12 33.39 2.91
15 Minutes 3/9/0110.52 11.22 2337 4503.00 4622.5 24.38 26.02 2.32
City by the Sea 9/6/028.94 9.29 2575 3470.00 3470.0 22.43 23.32 2.51
Royal Tenenbaums, The 1/4/028.51 8.84 751 11344.00 11344.0 52.35 54.42 4.72
Keeping the Faith 4/14/008.08 9.03 2152 3755.00 4040.6 37.04 41.43 4.58
Father of the Bride 12/20/917.03 10.06 1561 4504.00 6205.0 89.10 127.61 12.67
Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle, The 6/30/006.81 7.61 2458 2771.00 2981.8 26.00 29.08 3.82



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