The American Astronaut

Release Date: October 12, 2001
Limited release

It's a shot from that Apple commercial about Big Brother.

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A film that first premiered at the 2001 Sundance Film Festival, The American Astronaut is described by Cory McAbee, its director/writer/lead performer, as an autobiographical/musical/space western. The movie is shot entirely in black-and-white, and follows the adventures of Samuel Curtis (McAbee), an interplanetary trader as he journeys through a rustic, Homeric solar system.

The American Astronaut is McAbee's first feature-length film, but he has previously directed a number of shorts, including the award-winning Ketchup and Mustard Man. So far with this newer entry into full-length pictures, he has won the Special Jury Award for Original Vision at the 2001 Florida Film Festival.

The music on the soundtrack of the film is written and performed by McAbee and his band, The Billy Nayer Show, which also has music credits in all of the director's short films. The movie itself is receiving incredible reviews and certainly appears to be building buzz. It opens in New York City on September 21st before a planned platform release to Los Angeles, Boston and San Francisco. Considering the critical praise and the intriguing trailer floating around on the Web, The American Astronaut may even pull high enough per-screen averages to expand even further. It certainly has potential to be an art-house favorite. (Kim Hollis/BOP)

September 20, 2001
The release for the film has been pushed back indefinitely. It is currently classified as "Coming Soon."

Vital statistics for The American Astronaut
Main Cast Cory McAbee, Rocco Sisto, Greg Russell Cook
Supporting Cast Annie Golden, James Ransone, Joshua Taylor, Tom Aldredge
Director Cory McAbee
Screenwriter Cory McAbee
Trailer Click Here for Trailer
Official Site
Rating Unrated
Running Time 91 minutes
Screen Count 1
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