His Secret Life

Release Date: September 20, 2002
Limited release

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Ferzan Ozpetek directs this interesting look at infidelity in marriage. He also co-wrote the screenplay, along with fellow Italian Gianni Romoli. The original title in Italian is Le Fate Ignoranti, which literally translates to The Ignorant Fairies. However, I don't think the distributors thought that would be very politically correct, so they've changed the title for the US release to His Secret Life.

The story follows an Italian woman named Antonia (Margherita Buy), who works with AIDS patients in a local hospital. Her life takes a tragic turn when her loving husband is killed when struck by two cars. While going through his personal effects, she makes a shocking discovery: He had a secret life (just like the title) and was he's had a secret lover for more than seven years named Michele (Stefano Accorsi).

It turns out that Michele is a man. Antonia also learns that there was more to her husband's life than this secret affair. He was also a part of a community of drag queens, trans-genders, and homosexuals. Antonia decides she must find out more about this life away from home. She discovers that she likes this new world she's found and feels alive. She even gets to know and like Michele.

This film had its world premiere at the 2001 Berlin International Film Festival and has made the rounds of various other festivals worldwide. It has also been nominated for and won several awards, including Best Actor and Actress at the 2001 Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists. (Marty Doskins/BOP)

Vital statistics for His Secret Life
Main Cast Margherita Buy, Stefano Accorsi
Supporting Cast Andrea Renzi, Serra Yilmaz
Director Ferzan Ozpetek
Screenwriter Ferzan Ozpetek, Gianni Romoli
Distributor Strand Releasing
Rating R
Running Time 106 minutes
Screen Count 4
  • 2001 Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists - Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Producer

Awards page for His Secret Life
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