Halloween II

Release Date: August 28, 2009

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Like the sun rising in the East, so goes that dastardly Michael Myers, he of the William Shatner mask and unquenchable lust for murder. And you’d thought he went way for good, didn’t you? Not if writer-director-musician Rob Zombie has anything to say about it. Yes, coming sooner than you might think is Halloween 2. Welcome back to October 1981, everybody! If you think a new Michael Myers movie is weird, I hear that in the summer of 1982, Steven Spielberg is making a movie about a little alien who can make a bike fly! Isn’t that wild?

Wait, no, this isn’t Halloween 2, it’s H2. In case that title isn’t confusing enough, don’t forget that, in 1998, Michael Myers came back in a water-themed entry, Halloween: H2O. That film commemorated the series’ 20th anniversary, even bringing original star Jamie Lee Curtis back. Of course, Zombie’s newest version won’t feature any return from Curtis, but will continue a re-imagining of the Myers mythology.

Horror movies are always worth a bit of change, and Zombie’s 2007 remake of Halloween made just under $60 million domestically. Though it may not be considered an official blockbuster, with a low budget, that amount is nothing to sniff at. Zombie himself was reportedly against making a sequel to the remake, but the folks at Dimension Films convinced him to come back only this past December (I bet they drove a dump truck full of money up to his house!), making sure the new movie will be potentially fast-tracked for a release as quickly as possible.

Scout Taylor-Compton (doesn’t roll off the tongue as easily as Jamie Lee Curtis, right?) appears set to reprise the role of Laurie Strode. According to Zombie, the second story will focus more on Laurie, and how she deals with her brother being a murderous psychopath. There’s always one in the family, right? Malcolm McDowell, who filled the role of Dr. Loomis (and thus was the most well-known person in the film), hasn’t yet signed on, but Zombie has said he’d prefer to either have McDowell as Loomis, or not have Loomis at all. Of course, the most important role has already been filled, as Tyler Mane, the ex-pro wrestler, is putting the mask back on and playing Michael Myers once more.

Joking aside, H2 is likely to bring in a hefty amount of change. Even with the seemingly endless Saw series producing a new film each October (isn’t Jigsaw dead already? I can never keep up with this stuff!), there are always enough people ready to be scared for a couple of hours. Rob Zombie’s managed to bring back one of the classic murderers to a new audience, and H2 will encourage enough people to take out their wallets and scream as Michael Myers attacks nubile young women with murderous weapons and Scottish accents, wigs, and off-color jokes. See, I made it through this whole thing without making any Michael Myers/Mike Myers jokes...oh, crap. (Josh Spiegel/BOP)

Vital statistics for Halloween II
Main Cast Tyler Mane, Ezra Buzzington, Jeffrey Daniel Phillips
Supporting Cast Christ Hardwick
Director Rob Zombie
Screenwriter Rob Zombie
Distributor Dimension Films
Screen Count 3,000 (Estimated)
Talent in red has entry in The Big Picture



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