Nothing Like the Holidays

Release Date: December 12, 2008
Limited release

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Whoever roughed Freddy Rodriguez up has to answer to the editor of this Web site.

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After five very long years, we are still feeling the effects of the Lord of the Rings. In 2008, we will see yet another installment in a trilogy around the holidays. While Vince Vaugn will show the world his second chapter in the Crappy Holiday Movie trilogy (Four Christmases follows last year's Fred Claus), the third and final(?) installment in the moderately successfully Eccentric Family Christmas trilogy is set to captivate audiences. Nothing Like the Holidays follows 2005’s The Family Stone and 2007’s This Christmas in demonstrating the shenanigias that go on when the family gets together for the holidays.

I kid, I kid.

Seriously, in what appears to be the only distinction between the three films, each story is told from different ethnic perspective. And for some odd reason, Hollywood is always surprised when a film that appeals to a certain demographic becomes a hit. Of course, it doesn’t really matter what race you are, your family is likely certifiably nuts.

What remains appealing about each of these films is the cast, and Nothing Like the Holidays is no different. In my irrelevant opinion, what makes a family film stand out is who is playing the patriarch. The always entertaining Craig T. Nelson was head of the household in the The Family Stone, while the underappreciated Delroy Lindo held down the dad duties in This Christmas. The legendary Alfred Molina (can we use legendary just yet?) gets the nod in Nothing Like the Holidays. The father role requires an actor to play second-banana to a “strong and vibrant” mother and be the glue that keeps the insane asylum intact, while letting his subtle nuances do the acting. Mr. Nelson and Mr. Lindo have excelled and there is no reason Doc Ock won’t either.

In Nothing Like the Holidays, the Rodriguez family converges at their parents' home to celebrate the season and rejoice in their youngest brother's safe return from combat overseas. During their visit, Mother Rodriguez (Elizabeth Pena) reveals that she is divorcing Father Rodriguez (Molina) and chaos, revelations and the true meaning of Christmas ensue. John Leguizamo (The Happening), Debra Messing (Will and Grace), Luis Guzman (Boogie Nights), and Jay Hernandez (Hostel) round out the Rodriguez family. (Joel West/BOP)

Vital statistics for Nothing Like the Holidays
Main Cast John Leguizamo, Freddy Rodriguez, Debra Messing
Supporting Cast Alfred Molina, Jay Hernandez, Melonie Diaz, Mercedes Ruehl, Luis Guzman, Vanessa Ferlito
Director Alfredo De Villa
Screenwriter Rick Najera, Ted Perkins, Alison Swan
Distributor Overture Films
Trailer Click Here for Trailer
Official Site
Screen Count 1,671
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