The Other End of the Line

Release Date: October 31, 2008
Limited release

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We have some suspicions on what Jesse Metcalfe likes about her.

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Shriya Saran fans, rejoice!

The above was for our Bollywood fans in the crowd. For the rest of you who have no idea who Shriya Saran is, this is a Jesse Metcalfe movie. You know him as the shirtless piece of beef on Desperate Housewives who seduced Gabrielle Solis, thereby making a cuckold out of her husband, Carlos Solis. And don’t act like you didn’t know all of this, Mr. I Don’t Watch Desperate Housewives. Everyone knows you’re lying.

Metcalfe’s first attempt at movie stardom came in the titular lead role in John Tucker Must Die. The surprisingly genial film (given its title) opened to a respectable $14.3 million on its way to $41 million in domestic receipts. So, while it wasn’t a huge breakout hit, the tale of hot women gaining revenge on the fella who done ‘em wrong was quite profitable, given its production budget of $18 million. This put Metcalfe on the radar of more Hollywood execs, and he has been working steadily ever since.

What makes The Other End of the Line a unique project for Metcalfe is that he fell in love with his co-star, the aforementioned Shriya Saran. That’s right. One of the hottest actresses in Bollywood is now hooking up with one of the hottest actors in Hollywood, creating the possibility of some sort of ethnically diverse super-baby down the line. Vogue and Maxim have already called dibs on the as yet unconceived child’s first modeling gig. It’s important to plan ahead on these things.

Metcalfe and Saran fell in love in a case of life imitating art on set. Shriya (as she is known to her fans) plays a call center employee in an outsourced customer support call center. In an unlikely series of events, her character answers Metcalfe’s character’s call with the end result being that she falls in love with him, instantly and completely. So devout is the woman regarding her emotions that she packs up her bags and leaves India to move where she knows he lives, San Francisco. That’s right, folks. Romantic comedy stalking has gone international. Will she get her man? Well, she did in real life, so why wouldn’t she onscreen? (David Mumpower/BOP)

Vital statistics for The Other End of the Line
Main Cast Jesse Metcalfe
Director James Dodson
Screenwriter Tracey Jackson
Distributor MGM
Screen Count 91
Talent in red has entry in The Big Picture



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