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 Well, all of New York's heroes...and Ant-Man.

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44/79 Max Braden Somehow the movie is too slow while running through the plot too quickly. I was not impressed by Evangeline Lilly nor her choice of hairstyle.

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There was Superman, there was Batman, there was Spider-Man, there was Iron Man and now we finally come to the end of the line as there is an Ant-Man movie in the offing. Yes, I’m serious. Yes, I passed my last drug test, too. Marvel Studios appears sincere about making an expensive feature film predicated upon the premise of a wife-beating super-genius who uses technology to control millions of ants. If you are thinking to yourself, “I have never heard of Ant-Man, but I am certain I could pull a better idea for a comic book hero out of my ass,” you are one hundred percent correct. There is much reason to be discouraged here. There is, however, one small ray of hope.

BOP fave Edgar Wright, the genius behind such works as Spaced, Shaun of the Dead, and Hot Fuzz, is writing and directing this feature. Presumably, this means that Ant-Man will be treated with exactly the level of respect one would deserve as ruler of the kingdom of those that fear magnifying glasses. Ant-Man will be played for laughs, as is appropriate for such a ludicrous idea for a comic book adaptation. Given that Wright hasn’t missed yet, we find cause for optimism in this, the worst superhero adapted to the big screen since Howard the Duck.

Edgar, we are really out on a limb here in saying that this is not an instantly doomed project. Don’t let us down, dude. Because it’s freakin’ Ant-Man. There is every reason why this is going to suck save for you. (David Mumpower/BOP)

Vital statistics for Ant-Man
Director Edgar Wright
Screenwriter Joe Cornish
Distributor Paramount Pictures
Talent in red has entry in The Big Picture



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