Rob Zombie's Tyrannosaurus Rex

Release Date: TBA 2009

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We're sure this will be an Academy Award contender.

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Rob Zombie likes old movies a whole bunch, and is a heavy metal musician. This, apparently, qualifies a person to direct horror and action films. I wonder how far this extends. If Mariah Carey was a huge fan of Some Like it Hot, could she make romantic comedies? If Kenny Chesney loved The Searchers, would we be handing him a camera and telling him to make a postmodern western? Anyway.

Zombie's follow-up to his unnecessary, uncreative, and downright irritating 2007 remake of Halloween is entitled Tyrannosaurus Rex, and Mr. Zombie would like you to know that it in absolutely no way is about dinosaurs. Rather, it's about a guy named Rex. Who is presumably quite fierce. (And maybe has really short arms?)

Early buzz for Tyrannosaurus Rex came with the release of a faux-vintage poster, showing the gun-toting, furious lead character snarling in the midst of a desert landscape, along with a tagline that cannot be reprinted on this site. Two posters have been released for Rex, both featuring an image of the star…which is something, considering the part hasn't been cast as of yet. In fact, no cast has been announced, besides the obligatory role for Sheri Moon Zombie.

Asked for further details, Zombie admitted that despite the appearance of the poster and Dimension announcing a release date, he hadn't even written a script yet. Which I'm sure doesn't exactly fill Dimension's investors with confidence.

There’s been some suggestion that the film is in some way related to Zombie’s brief comic book series The Nail; however, this information doesn’t come from Zombie, and should be regarded as speculative at best. Seriously, though: not about dinosaurs. If you take one thing away from this article, take the fact that Rob Zombie does not make dinosaur movies, dammit. (Sean Collier/BOP)

Vital statistics for Rob Zombie's Tyrannosaurus Rex
Director Rob Zombie
Distributor Dimension Films
Talent in red has entry in The Big Picture



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