Not Easily Broken

Release Date: January 9, 2009

I declare myself the most gorgeous man in the world.

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Dave and Clarice have had a long, unhappy marriage filled with disagreements, dispassionate interactions and general disinterest with one another, which seems to fester and grow with each passing day. She’s professionally motivated seemingly to a fault, while Dave wishes she’d put the same energy into their family. Clarice wishes Dave would spend more effort to advance himself instead of steadily working a managerial position of a janitorial company and mentoring young men in the community on the side. Then, suddenly, they’re involved in a near fatal automobile accident which leaves Clarice seriously injured. Confronted with the challenge of her recovery, they must confront the deep wounds of their relationship and work together, with the assistance of their religious faith, to repair their marriage.

But they have other challenges to face as well, for Dave develops a fondness for her physical therapist, Julie, and her son, Bryson.

This is the second movie based on a novel by Pastor T.D. Jakes, the controversial head of The Potter’s House ministry. Pastor Jakes has not only founded the Potter's House ministry, but is also the founder of his own Christian record label as well as a movie production company. His ministry is responsible for many outreach programs that are focused on both local and international issues.

His contemporary Christian fiction is praised for its realistic portrayals of common and sometimes extraordinary issues that face people today, especially those in the African-American community. Specifically, the characters of Dave and Clarice are written with believable character flaws but with an even, often non-judgmental tone. His resolutions are also not perfect nor entirely divinely inspired. (D. James Ruccio/BOP)

Vital statistics for Not Easily Broken
Main Cast Morris Chestnut, Cannon Jay, Eddie Cibrian
Supporting Cast Kwame Boateng, Maeve Quinlan
Director Bill Duke
Screenwriter Brian Bird
Distributor Screen Gems
Screen Count 724
Talent in red has entry in The Big Picture



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