Miss Conception

Release Date: June 6, 2008
Limited release

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86/98 David Mumpower Ironically, this is a cinematic abortion.

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Conception is the “in” trend in Hollywood at the moment. Knocked Up, Baby Mama and Saw IV all featured this premise. Okay, I’m lying about Saw, but the other two both explore the idea of neurotic parenthood. Miss Conception will do the same as Rollergirl herself, Heather Graham, portrays a woman who accidentally discovers that she has a bad ovary. Menopause is going to hit her faster than most prospective mothers. In fact, she is down to her very last egg. So, fertilization becomes her primary concern over the next month.

Of course, anyone who had Home Economics or an awkward “Birds and the Bees” conversation with a parent knows that it takes two for fertilization to occur. Realizing this, our heroine (whom I am still going to call Rollergirl even though the character is sadly named Georgina) begins a frenetic search to find the best sperm possible for her magic egg. Her current boyfriend freaks at the thought of near-immediate parenthood, so Rollergirl dumps him immediately. Next up, she scours personal ads, sperm banks, and dating services, looking for Mr. Goodstuff. All the while, her sardonic best friend, Klem (free advice to screenwriter Camilla Leslie: pick better names next time) mocks and supports her during the madcap search for the world’s best semen.

Miss Conception is written by an Irish woman and financed by an Irish company, meaning it has a strong Western European feel. Hopefully, that means it will at least be better than the SNL monstrosity that is Baby Mama, but BOP doesn’t have much hope this one will be on a par with Knocked Up. Prove us wrong, fertile Rollergirl! (David Mumpower/BOP)

Vital statistics for Miss Conception
Main Cast Heather Graham, Mia Kirshner, Tom Ellis
Supporting Cast Will Mellor, Orlando Seale
Director Eric Styles
Screenwriter Camilla Leslie, Katherine Chandler
Distributor First Look Studios
Screen Count 3
Talent in red has entry in The Big Picture



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