Seven Pounds

Release Date: December 19, 2008
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I *said* I was saving that bacon!

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33/52 Sean Collier Smith can't make this one work, try though he might.
92/196 Max Braden I only rented this to see what the plot 'twist' was all about, and upon getting that much, subsequently fell asleep.

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Biggest Movie Star Ever Will Smith is reunited with Pursuit of Happyness director Gabriele Muccino in this dramatic tale.

Smith plays an IRS agent who, distraught with his life, decides that he wants to end it. Before he does, he decides to make the lives of seven other people better. When he ends up falling in love with one of those people (Rosario Dawson), that throws a wrench into that whole "kill yourself" plan. Also starring are Woody Harrelson, Barry Pepper and Michael Ealy.

Considering the incredible roll that Smith has been on the last few years, there's no reason to doubt that this will continue it. (Tim Briody/BOP)

Vital statistics for Seven Pounds
Main Cast Will Smith, Rosario Dawson, Woody Harrelson
Supporting Cast Michael Ealy, Robinne Lee
Director Gabriele Muccino
Screenwriter Grant Nieporte
Distributor Columbia Pictures (Sony)
Official Site
Screen Count 2,758
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