After Dark Horrorfest - Eight Films to Die for 2

Release Date: November 9, 2007
Limited release

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In November of 2006, After Dark Films had the brazen idea to celebrate the nature of independent horror movie making. The way they chose to do so was by convincing roughly 500 exhibitors to show a series of eight scary movies for one low price, thereby bathing fans of the genre in blood and psychological scares. The result was largely successful as the release titled 8 Films to Die For grossed roughly $2.6 million. One of the titles, The Abandoned, was chosen best of the bunch, earning it an individual theatrical release in February of 2007. With another $1.2 million in the coffers, it was a respectable performer on its own. Given the minuscule budgets for the titles involved, the horror movie fantasy camp had a sequel greenlit, and that's what we will experience from November 9th - 18th this year.

Eight more titles are on tap and their names alone are enough to pique one's curiosity. The Deaths of Ian Stone, Nightmare Man, Mulberry Street, Frontiers, Unearthed, Borderland, Tooth and Nail, and Lake Dead are the confirmed titles for 2007. Keep in mind that despite the title of 8 Films to Die For, 10 releases actually wound up being a part of Horrorfest 2006. Snoop Dogg's Hood of Horror and The Tripper were both bonus releases shown only once each during the week's festivities. So, it's possible that there will be more than the eight listed titles this time as well. Even if they aren't, the current batch represents everything from human sacrifice to cannibalism to were-rats. That should be plenty enough to get horror lovers heading out to the theater again this year.

Horrorfest 2007: do it for msblackbetty, your reigning festival beauty queen (wouldn't you like to see that sash?). (David Mumpower/BOP)

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