You Kill Me

Release Date: June 22, 2007
Limited release

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You don't really think I'm too old and wrinkly, do you?

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45/214 Max Braden Consider this a companion movie to Pierce Brosnan's hitman flick The Matador

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In director John Dahl's You Kill Me, Ben Kingsley stars as Frank, a hitman for a Polish family in Buffalo. Completely devoted to the idea of family and all of the traditions therein, Frank never questions the fact that he is repeatedly asked to murder people. In fact, he prides himself on being methodical and precise where his work is involved.

It's hard to keep that kind of activity up when you're a serious alcoholic, though, which Frank certainly is. When he falls asleep on an assignment to take out an Irish rival, his boss sends him to San Francisco to dry out. While there, he makes a number of singular acquaintances, including a gay AA sponsor (Luke Wilson) and a scuzzy real estate man (Bill Pullman). Frank takes a job at a funeral parlor, and comes to realize that he has a skill for dealing with corpses that he had never expected. Content in a way he has rarely been, he even meets an advertising executive (Tea Leoni) who he can see himself spending the rest of his life with. All is not well back in Buffalo, however. The Irish rival has been able to raise enough capital to get rid of the Poles.

Reviews for You Kill Me have been quite solid thus far, and IFC Films will likely give it a decent release pattern and support. After a string of "I'm in it for the paycheck" gigs, it looks like Kingsley is back to the type of role that has established him as one of the greatest in the acting profession. (Kim Hollis/BOP)

Vital statistics for You Kill Me
Main Cast Philip Baker Hall, Ben Kingsley, Tea Leoni
Supporting Cast Luke Wilson, Bill Pullman, Dennis Farina, Jayne Eastwood, Katie Messina, Tracy McMahon
Director John Dahl
Screenwriter Christopher Markus, Stephen McFeely
Distributor IFC Films
Trailer Click Here for Trailer
Official Site
Rating R
Screen Count 37
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