Black Sheep

Release Date: June 22, 2007
Limited release

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It's the love that dare not speak it's name.

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New Zealand is a peaceful land, with four million human residents and 40 million sheep. Now, we don't usually give sheep much thought. They're herbivores who are known to follow the flock. Their wool is great for coats, blankets and sweaters. In fact, they're one of the most innocuous denizens of the farm.

Black Sheep takes that notion and turns it completely on its head. When a genetic/cloning experiment goes very, very wrong, the sheep of New Zealand begin to change. They seem to acquire a taste for human flesh and are essentially zombie creatures with a single aim - to feed. That's where the four million humans come in (though frankly, there aren't enough of them to keep our zombie sheep content for long).

Although Black Sheep sounds like it could be as silly as Night of the Lepus, where giant rabbits begin to overrun the Earth, it actually has received some pretty positive early reviews. Those familiar with Peter Jackson's early work in splatter films have said that the sense of humor and tone taken in Black Sheep are quite similar. There's another commonality with Jackson's work in that the special effects company WETA is behind the visuals of the sheep, which should make them impressive considering the budget. BOP is always a fan of the great animals-eating-people genre, and Black Sheep has every chance to join our favorites in that oeuvre. (Kim Hollis/BOP)

Vital statistics for Black Sheep
Main Cast Matthew Chamberlain, Tammy Davis, Oliver Driver
Supporting Cast Peter Feeney, Glenis Levestam, Danielle Mason, Kevin McTurk, Nathan Meister, Mick Rose, Tandi Wright
Director Jonathan King
Screenwriter Jonathan King
Distributor IFC First Take
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Official Site
Screen Count 4
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