Brooklyn Rules

Release Date: May 18, 2007
Limited release

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Writer Terence Winter’s first take on life on the streets leading to success came in the form of Get Rich Or Die Tryin’. That film highlighted the rise of 50 Cent from human bullet magnet to world-famous rapper. While it was neither well received by critics nor an 8 Mile with regards to box office, Winter’s biopic satisfied the one person who mattered: 50 Cent himself.

Winter’s second stab at greatness comes in the form of Brooklyn Rules, a movie about the mafia. Given that he has been a three time Emmy winner through his work on The Sopranos, Winter has demonstrated some expertise on the subject. This film explores the lives of three characters who are all affected by the gangster lifestyle during the mid-1980s era when John Gotti was ascending to the top of the underworld.

Brooklyn Rules focuses on the narrator, Michael (Freddie Prinze Jr. of Scoobie Doo), a grifter who manipulates his way into Columbia Law School. He is the bad guy seeking the path to enlightenment. Holding him back is his relationship with Carmine (Scott Caan of Ocean’s 11), a childhood friend who loves the money and women that come with the mafia lifestyle. The two men’s mutual comrade is Bobby (Jerry Ferrara aka Turtle from Entourage), a much more simplistic man who only wants a career in civil service and a happy homelife with his lady. While Michael romances a gorgeous coed (Mena Suvari and her giant forehead), Carmine befriends the scariest man in the borough, Caesar (Alec Baldwin). As one might expect of a Baldwin, Caesar has bad intentions for Carmine, and those actions draw Michael and Bobby into their friend’s struggle to overcome the attentions of the nefarious Caesar. (David Mumpower/BOP)

Vital statistics for Brooklyn Rules
Main Cast Alec Baldwin, Freddie Prinze Jr., Scott Caan
Supporting Cast Jerry Ferrara, Mena Suvari
Director Michael Corrente
Screenwriter Terence Winter
Distributor City Lights Pictures
Official Site
Rating R
Screen Count 10
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