Release Date: September 22, 2006
Limited release

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Director Christian Volckman's first feature, Renaissance, is an animated detective movie set in Paris nearly half a century in the future. The Paris of this film's future is isolated from the rest of the world, and everything is monitored. A young scientist who works for the city's most prolific company, a company that sells eternal youth and beauty, is kidnapped before she can finish her latest project. The task of finding her goes to a detective known for his ability to find anyone, no matter what he must sacrifice to do so.

The stylized look of the film is done in part by using motion capture, a technique most often used for video games and CG effects. In larger part it comes from artist Marc Miance, who created images that inspired the look of the film. The black and white animation is most likely inspired by film noir, as are the story and the characters.

Despite the trailer being one of the most stunning I've seen in a while, the film is slated for a very limited release. It will premiere in New York and Los Angeles then hit screens in Philadelphia, Boston, D.C., and San Fransico the following week. The success from the second week expansion will likely determine how much farther the movie expands. (Jared Fields/BOP)

Vital statistics for Renaissance
Main Cast Daniel Craig
Supporting Cast Catherine McCormack, Romola Garai, Ian Holm, Jonathan Pryce
Director Christian Volckman
Distributor Miramax
Trailer Click Here for Trailer
Official Site
Rating R
Screen Count 2
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