Marci X

Release Date: August 22, 2003

Damon shouldn't take fashion advice from Mike Tyson.

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A general rule of thumb about the stars of the long-running sitcom Friends is this: If they star in a film, it's probably doomed. Oh, there are exceptions (The Whole Nine Yards and Scream being the most notable of the bunch), but for whatever reason, when the individual actors try to cross over to the big screen, the movies fail.

What does that mean for Marci X, which stars Lisa Kudrow as a young Jewish woman who has to take over a hard-core rap label for her father? In and of itself, nothing. Unfortunately, there are a few other warning signs that would indicate this film might be a box office bomb. First off, there's the premise, which could be anywhere from mildly to massively offensive, depending how it's handled. Marci has to handle some negative publicity that befalls the label when a song called "Shoot Ya' Teacha" by rap artist Dr. Snatchcatcher (Damon Wayans) becomes a huge pop hit. There's even a right-wing senator (Christine Baranski) who is highly offended by Dr. Snatchcater's lyrics. The characters sound like caricatures, but it's entirely possible that trailers and commercials will show a different story. Time will tell.

Marci X is directed by Richard Benjamin, who also stars as Kudrow's father. He's had a pretty spotty record at the box office, including such films as Mermaids, The Money Pit, City Heat, and The Shrink is In. Screenwriter Paul Rudnick has delivered stuff like Addams Family Values, In & Out, and box office failure Isn't She Great. Unfortunately, none of these titles exactly inspire confidence, but then again, these guys might be due, right?

The film was originally slated for "sometime in 2002", but now that the studio has an official target date for Marci X to hit theaters, it does appear that it will at least be receiving a token release. Marketing and studio backing will be key to drawing viewers and determining success, and will go a long way toward indicating whether this is a quality product or just another formulaic comedy. (Kim Hollis/BOP)

Vital statistics for Marci X
Main Cast Lisa Kudrow, Damon Wayans, Richard Benjamin
Supporting Cast Christine Baranski, Jane Krakowski, Charles Kimbrough
Director Richard Benjamin
Screenwriter Paul Rudnick
Distributor Paramount
Trailer Click Here for Trailer
Official Site
Rating R
Running Time 84 minutes
Screen Count 1,200
Talent in red has entry in The Big Picture

Comparison films for Marci X
Adjusted Opening
Total BO
Adjusted Total
Analyze This 3/5/9918.38 21.90 2518 7299.00 8333.5 106.69 127.14 5.80
In and Out 9/19/9715.02 19.73 1992 7540.00 9527.7 63.84 83.86 4.25
Addams Family Values 11/19/9314.12 20.56 2577 5479.00 7675.9 46.29 67.42 3.28
Hanging Up 2/18/0013.57 15.18 2618 5183.00 5577.3 36.04 40.31 2.29
Analyze That 12/6/0211.03 11.46 2635 4186.00 4186.0 32.12 33.39 2.91
Romy and Michele's High School Reunion 4/25/977.43 9.76 1602 4638.00 5860.7 29.21 38.37 3.93
Mermaids 12/14/903.51 5.01 970 3619.00 4974.0 35.14 50.21 10.01
Isn't She Great? 1/28/001.37 1.53 750 1827.00 1966.0 2.95 3.30 2.15



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