The Second Chance

Release Date: February 17, 2006
Limited release

Michael W. Smith's Senior Yearbook picture.

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The Second Chance follows two men from very different worlds as it examines their faith. Jeremiah Jenkins (J. Don Ferguson) founded the Second Chance Community Church at the height of the Civil Rights movement as demonstrations were taking place in the '60s. Since that time, he has also founded another Church, The Rock, a mega-sanctuary in the suburbs that sees its members perform their community service in the form of major donations to the charity plate. Jenkins continues to travel the world in an effort to found new churches, but he does seem to have lost sight of where his pastoral journey originated.

Jenkins' son, Ethan (Michael W. Smith) has recently abandoned his lifestyle as a West Coast musician and has returned to serve as Associate Minister of The Rock. He's exceptionally busy and has plenty of money at his disposal, and sees his mission as performing Sunday simulcasts rather than serving others. Suddenly, the church board decides that it might be a good idea to send him to The Second Chance Community Church for a little sabbatical.

Jake Sanders (jake obafemi carr) is the pastor at the Second Chance. He has street smarts and is a devoted servant to his local community. Jake is an exceptionally hard worker, and when Ethan arrives, he resents the other gentleman's "money will cure all ills" approach. Although Ethan tries to fit in, all of his efforts end in frustration. And when the Second Chance youth pastor takes a severe beating in order for a young man to leave a gang, Ethan becomes extremely disillusioned and begins to question his own faith. Jake and Ethan must work together to find some common ground and overcome the prejudices that might be keeping them from giving the Second Chance its greatest opportunities. (Kim Hollis/BOP)

Vital statistics for The Second Chance
Main Cast Michael W. Smith, jeff obafemi carr
Director Steve Taylor
Screenwriter Steve Taylor
Distributor Sony/Columbia
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Official Site
Screen Count 87
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