The 11th Hour

Release Date: August 17, 2007
Limited release

Secretly enjoys spending weekends tearing up pristine wildernessland in his humvee

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The start of the new millennium has seen the creation of an almost entirely new type of film - the widely distributed, socially conscious documentary. Continuing in the wake of other big budget cause films like An Inconvenient Truth and Bowling for Columbine, The 11th Hour explores the effect of the domination of the human species on the health of the planet. Are the seemingly worsening conditions of the planet a temporary anomaly based on various natural cycles of the planet or are the actions and inactions of the human species directly responsible for the changes in the environment? As the movie’s title suggests perhaps we need to determine the answer to that question and take appropriate corrective action.

The film was produced by Tree Media Group, whose mission is to focus on the issues of the environment and conservation.

It is narrated by Leonardo Dicaprio, who also produced the film and has dedicated much time and effort to environmental causes. It features appearances by a diverse list of guests, such as renowned physicist Stephen Hawking, the last General Secretary of the Communist Party Mikhail Gorbachev, and former Director of the CIA R. James Woolsey Jr. (D. James Ruccio/BOP)

Vital statistics for The 11th Hour
Main Cast Leonardo DiCaprio
Director Leila Conners Petersen, Nadia Conners
Screenwriter Leila Conners Petersen, Leonardo DiCaprio, Nadia Conners
Distributor Warner Independent Pictures
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Official Site
Rating PG
Screen Count 4
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