Release Date: April 19, 2002
Limited release


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Brimming with talent and almost-known names, Enigma is a British romantic thriller set in Britain during WWII, 1943, to be exact. The story is that of Tom Jericho, a brilliant code-breaker who tries to solve the mysterious disappearance of Claire, a woman with whom he is obsessed, while at the same time the government agency for which he works suspects a spy in their ranks. The story unfolds from there, as Tom enlists the help of Claire's best friend to solve her disappearance.

The almost-known names in this film include Dougray Scott (Mission: Impossible II), who plays Tom, Kate Winslet (Titanic), and Jeremy Northam (Gosford Park, An Ideal Husband), all of whom are familiar faces, though not big names by any stretch. Behind the camera is another almost-known director, Michael Apted (The World is Not Enough, Thunderheart), who directs from a screenplay by critically-acclaimed playwright Tom Stoppard (Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, Shakespeare in Love) that is based on a novel by Robert Harris. So there is talent everywhere, not to mention producers Mick Jagger and Lorne Michaels, and this movie will slowly try to find an audience in North America. After having its premiere at the 2001 Sundance Film Festival, Enigma screened at the 2001 Toronto International Film Festival to lukewarm reviews before finally finding a distributor in Manhattan Pictures.

The film is tentatively set for a limited release opening and hopes to create strong word-of-mouth from there. The early reviews from England suggest that it is an excellent film, but the reviews from Toronto suggest that the film is average at best. The final word will come when it is finally released. (Walid Habboub/BOP)

Vital statistics for Enigma
Main Cast Dougray Scott, Kate Winslet, Saffron Burrows
Supporting Cast Jeremy Northam, Nikolaj Coster Waldau, Tom Hollander, Donald Sumpter
Director Michael Apted
Screenwriter Tom Stoppard
Distributor Miramax
Trailer http://www.movie-list.com/e/enigma.shtml
Official Site http://www.enigmathefilm.com/
Rating R
Running Time 119 minutes
Screen Count 115
Talent in red has entry in The Big Picture



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