The Brave One

Release Date: September 14, 2007

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63/214 Max Braden Slow and long, this is pretty much unapologetically pro-vigilante.

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Jodie Foster found a lot of success in 2005 with Flightplan, a mystery thriller wherein a mother tries to find out why everyone pretends as if they don’t know where her daughter is. The film was a surprise hit, earning $89.7 million domestically. Her next film, the star-laden Spike Lee production, Inside Man, was equally successful, earning $88.5 million. After having not been the featured player in a movie since 2002’s Panic Room (a $95 million hit in its own right), Foster re-established herself as an elitist A-List actress, a talent who could mix cerebral plots with financial accomplishments. She is now ready to place her Midas touch on another intelligent thriller.

The story this time is that a successful radio talk show host named Erica is living the good life. She has a great career and is engaged to the man of her dreams. Her world suddenly comes crashing down one evening when thugs waylay her and her betrothed. Erica suffers significant injuries, but the emotional damage is even worse. She is forced to watch the men kill her beloved. The psychological trauma from this series of events scars her. The only method the formerly low-key professional has to gain some semblance of closure is to take on the eye for an eye strategy. She becomes a huntress, attempting to exact justice upon those who ruined her life.

The odd thing about vigilantes is that the police tend to notice these folks, and they don’t like them very much. Law enforcement is supposed to be left up to the government-authorized folks in the nice outfits. Enter police detective Mercer (Academy Award-nominated actor Terrence Howard), a smart man given the task of uncovering and capturing the night time avenger whose actions may be morally justifiably to her but not to the police.

Lost co-star Naveen Andrews and Academy Award-winning actress Mary Steenburgen are also a part of this exemplary cast. So, the premise might sound ordinary, but the talent level of the cast makes The Brave One a project to watch. (David Mumpower/BOP)

Vital statistics for The Brave One
Main Cast Jodie Foster, Terrence Howard
Supporting Cast Naveen Andrews, Nicky Katt, Mary Steenburgen
Director Neil Jordan
Screenwriter Roderick Taylor, Bruce Taylor, Cynthia Mort
Distributor Warner Bros.
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