School for Scoundrels

Release Date: September 29, 2006
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A remake of a 1960 British comedy that starred Ian Carmichael and Terry-Thomas, School for Scoundrels will have as its centerpiece a young actor named Jon Heder. If his name isn't perhaps familiar to you, the face will be, well, sort of recognizable. Heder broke out with his hilarious performance as Napoleon Dynamite in 2004, and since that time has been the beneficiary of the goodwill that arose from the buzz he received in that film. He parlayed the success into a supporting role in Just Like Heaven, and also will star alongside David Spade and Rob Schneider in The Benchwarmers, a movie about inept sports hopefuls.

In School for Scoundrels, Heder will portray a hapless meter reader who decides that he will take his own steps in order to win the girl of his dreams. He enrolls in a "confidence-building class", where his professor just happens to be a guy who looks an awful lot like Billy Bob Thornton. Trouble is, the class isn't quite what our young hero is expecting. The reason? It seems that the professor has designs on the same dream girl.

The teaming of Heder and Thornton does look to be a promising one, as both have terrific comedic abilities and should play off one another well. Also starring in the film is Jacinda Barrett, who reality TV aficionados will recognize from MTV's London edition of The Real World. (Kim Hollis/BOP)

Vital statistics for School for Scoundrels
Main Cast Billy Bob Thornton, Jon Heder, Jacinda Barrett
Director Todd Phillips
Screenwriter Todd Phillips, Scot Armstrong
Distributor Dimension Films
Trailer Click Here for Trailer
Rating PG-13
Screen Count 3,004
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