Goose on the Loose

Release Date: TBA 2011
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Limited release

Chevy Chase is actually much meaner in real life.

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No, this movie is not a prequel about the life of the beloved Anthony Edwards character from Top Gun. It's also not an expanded back story about the beloved Christopher McDonald character, Goose McKenzie, in Grease 2. Instead, it's a movie that marks the comeback of one Chevy Chase, whose biggest recent hit is Snow Day.

Goose! tells the story of a young boy who is grieving over the death of his mother. In an effort to ease his pain, he befriends a talking goose. Soon, he receives the bad news that his school's principal, played by Chase, is trying to fatten the bird up to enter in a Christmas cook-off. Naturally, the boy isn't going to let such a fate happen to his friend, and he joins forces with some buddies from school to try to save it. They develop the complex plan of kidnapping the principal's mother for ransom so that they can get the bird to safety.

Along with Chase, the cast includes James Purefoy and Tom Arnold. (Kim Hollis/BOP)

Vital statistics for Goose on the Loose
Main Cast Chevy Chase, Kari Matchett, James Purefoy
Supporting Cast Joan Plowright, Tom Arnold, Max Morrow, Isabella Fink, Cheyenne Hill
Director Nicholas Kendall
Screenwriter Charles Dennis
Distributor Freestyle Releasing
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