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They don't practice santeria, they don't got no crystal ball.

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Based on a screenplay by auteur Robert Rodriguez, Curandero is a horror film that takes its lead character straight into the belly of Santeria in Mexico City. The movie is being directed by Eduardo Rodriguez, who is no relation to the screenwriter.

In the vernacular of Santeria/Lukimi, a Curandero is a folk healer or white witch. The term can also refer to a person who uses herbal methods or magic for healing. In some circles, Curandero can mean "good witch". So it should be fascinating to see how such a positive archetype in the Santeria culture can be created as a character in a scary movie.

The film will be one of the early properties to be distributed by the Weinsteins' new venture, currently called WeinsteinCo. When they parted company with Disney, they were able to bring along such artists as Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino with them, and will surely be looking to this small-scale release to strike a chord among fans of the horror genre. (Kim Hollis/BOP)

Vital statistics for Curandero
Main Cast Sergio Acosta, Gizeht Galatea
Director Eduardo Rodriguez
Screenwriter Robert Rodriguez
Distributor Dimension Films
Rating R
Talent in red has entry in The Big Picture



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