Final Destination 2

Release Date: January 31, 2003

Yes, she really is usually this confused.

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2000's Final Destination was a pleasant surprise for both audiences and New Line Cinema. With an incredibly effective (and incredibly creepy) trailer, the story of teens who escape the plan Death has for them opened to $10 million, and had enough word-of-mouth to finish at a solid $53 million.

Since no one in Hollywood can leave a good thing alone, it didn't take too long for New Line to green-light a sequel to the sleeper hit. In this one, more teens avoid certain death, only to find out the Grim Reaper catches up with them later. Devon Sawa will not be returning, but Ali Larter and Tony Todd (whose role was really just a glorified cameo) have been confirmed as the leads, along with A.J. Cook (The Virgin Suicides).

Also not returning are the writing/directing team of Glenn Morgan and James Wong. David Ellis will make his directorial debut. Most recently, he was the second-unit director on The Matrix Reloaded. The sequel is written by J. Mackeye Gruber and Eric Bress, the first effort for both.

With a moderate budget and the likely promise of just the same number of thrills and people getting blindsided by speeding buses, Final Destination 2 should be another profitable film for New Line. (Tim Briody/BOP)

Vital statistics for Final Destination 2
Main Cast A.J. Cook, Michael Landes, Ali Larter
Supporting Cast David Paetkau, James N. Kirk, Nora Carpenter, Tony Todd
Director David R. Ellis
Screenwriter J. Mackye Gruber, Eric Bress
Distributor New Line Cinema
Trailer Click Here for Trailer
Official Site
Rating R
Running Time 90 minutes
Screen Count 2,834
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Comparison films for Final Destination 2
Adjusted Opening
Total BO
Adjusted Total
Scream 3 2/4/0034.71 38.83 3465 10017.00 10779.0 88.36 98.84 2.55
Scream 2 12/12/9733.00 43.35 2663 12392.00 15658.7 101.36 133.15 3.07
I Still Know What You Did Last Summer 11/13/9816.50 21.21 2443 6754.00 8352.5 40.00 51.42 2.42
I Know What You Did Last Summer 10/17/9715.82 20.78 2524 6268.00 7920.3 72.22 94.87 4.57
Urban Legend 9/25/9810.52 13.52 2257 4661.00 5764.1 38.08 48.95 3.62
Final Destination 3/17/0010.02 11.20 2585 3876.00 4170.8 53.30 59.62 5.32
Urban Legend: The Final Cut 9/22/008.51 9.52 2539 3352.00 3607.0 21.47 24.01 2.52
Scream 12/20/966.35 8.66 1413 4494.00 5897.1 103.03 140.56 16.23



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