Kangaroo Jack

Release Date: January 17, 2003

You might not know that I was the fat kid in Stand by Me!

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As the title suggests, this crime/comedy caper is committed in Australia. The film's premise follows two childhood pals, one a NYC hair-cutter (Jerry O'Connell, most recently of Tomcats and Mission to Mars), the other a wannabe musician (Anthony Anderson, who co-starred in Two Can Play That Game), who, after getting entangled with the Mob, must deliver $100,000 Down Under. When the cash is lost, then appropriated by a covetous kangaroo, the duo calls upon a wildlife expert (Planet of the Apes' Estella Warren) to help track down the marauding marsupial.

Of interesting note is that Down and Under marks the second collaborative effort between director David McNally and prodigious producer Jerry Bruckheimer, who previously worked together on Coyote Ugly. The very combination of Bruckheimer and Warner Bros. behind Down and Under should insure that the film gets its fair share of marketing and advertising support prior to release. Producing crime comedies is nothing new for Bruckheimer, as he paved the way for the commercial successes of Beverly Hills Cop I and II in the '80s, and The Ref in 1994.

Crime comedies in general have mixed results at the box office, with star power and ethnically-mixed duos evidencing the best success, especially when an element of action (which Bruckheimer is noted for) is tossed in for good measure. While O'Connell and Anderson have yet to establish themselves as significant box-office draws, no one knows when the next Rush Hour-type breakout surprise may occur. (Cal Hubbard/BOP)

Vital statistics for Kangaroo Jack
Main Cast Jerry O'Connell, Anthony Anderson, Christopher Walken, Estella Warren
Supporting Cast Dyan Cannon, Marton Csokas, David Ngoombujarra, Michael Shannon
Director David McNally
Screenwriter Scott Rosenberg, Lowell Ganz
Distributor Warner Bros
Trailer Click Here for Trailer
Official Site http://www.kangaroojack.com/
Rating PG
Running Time 89 minutes
Screen Count 2,818
Talent in red has entry in The Big Picture

Comparison films for Kangaroo Jack
Adjusted Opening
Total BO
Adjusted Total
Rush Hour 9/18/9833.00 42.42 2638 12509.00 15469.6 141.17 181.50 4.28
Blue Streak 9/17/9919.21 22.89 2735 7024.00 8019.5 68.21 81.28 3.55
Coyote Ugly 8/4/0017.32 19.37 2653 6528.00 7024.6 60.76 67.97 3.51
City Slickers 6/7/9113.03 18.66 1992 6541.00 9011.4 124.03 177.64 9.52
Nothing to Lose 7/18/9711.62 15.26 1862 6241.00 7886.2 44.47 58.42 3.83
City Slickers 2 6/10/9411.52 17.02 2243 5136.00 7301.2 43.44 64.19 3.77
Big Hit, The 4/24/9810.81 13.89 2149 5030.00 6220.5 27.07 34.80 2.50
Money Talks 8/22/9710.65 13.99 2005 5312.00 6712.3 41.08 53.96 3.86
Chill Factor 9/3/994.51 5.37 2558 1763.00 2012.9 11.23 13.38 1.78
Screwed 5/12/003.34 3.73 1759 1899.00 2043.5 6.98 7.80 2.09



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