Good Luck Chuck

Release Date: September 21, 2007
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One of the two people in this photo is talented. It is not the dude.

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153/214 Max Braden Alba is a little more adorable here than her other dud roles, but Dane is more charming in Employee of the Month. A wasted high concept movie.

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Fans of comedian Dane Cook, both of you, take note. Undeterred by the failure of Employee of the Month, Cook is ready to take another stab at being the male lead in a romantic comedy. Regrettable though this casting choice may be for Lionsgate, they are stuck with it. The good news is that the female lead is a bit more winning. Her name is Jessica Alba. Maybe you have heard of her.

The movie that unites them is Good Luck Chuck and the concept here is simple and, in fact, an urban legend that gets passed around quite a bit. Chuck, it seems, is the guy women date before they meet the man of their dreams. The way he discovers this is when the girl he has been seeing for years dumps him and starts up with another fellow. Within months, the two are engaged. Trying to get over this, Chuck rebounds with a few more dates. To his astonishment, none of them works out for him yet soon afterward, he receives word that each has found her true love. Word begins to get around, causing women to seek Chuck out for dates so that as soon as they are done with him, they can move their way up to the person they are meant to be with.

That’s great for everyone involved save for Chuck himself. Feeling used and lonely, he is just about ready to throw in the towel on romance when he encounters Alba’s character, a penguin trainer (you heard me). At this point, Chuck tries to figure out how he can use the “Good Luck Chuck” trick to his advantage in order to win the woman of his dreams. Meanwhile, North American audiences will brace for the apocalypse if Dane Cook does manage to win Jessica Alba, even if it is in a fictional movie. (David Mumpower/BOP)

Vital statistics for Good Luck Chuck
Main Cast Dane Cook, Jessica Alba, Dan Fogler
Director Mark Helfrich
Screenwriter Josh Stolberg
Distributor Lionsgate
Official Site
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