Butterfly: A Grimm Love Story

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Rusell offers her cannibal a leg, but you know he wants a breast.

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Butterfly: A Grimm Love Story, inspired by an "Internet cannibal movement", is an independent horror film about a young American graduate student writing her thesis on the life of a cannibal. In the course of her investigation, said student becomes obsessed with her subject, longing to get a taste of his world. And given the love story part, I would gather to say a taste of him as well.

Right now you are probably wondering just what the heck this Internet cannibal movement is. Well, sicko, there are hundreds of Web sites devoted to cannibals and the people who love them. At these sites vorarephiles can look at icky pictures and drawings, read stories on cannibalism, chat about their common passion on message boards, and perhaps make plans to get together in person for a light snack.

Kerri Russell of Felicity and hair chopping fame takes on the lead in this film. Thomas Kretschmann, who we all loved in SuperBabies: Baby Geniuses 2, plays the cannibal. Martin Weisz, director of many music videos including KoRn's Make Me Bad, and Fury In The Slaughterhouse's When I'm Dead And Gone (it just seems right that he moves on to cannibals), steps up to the plate and helms this film.

"This is a story that I have wanted to bring to the big screen ever since the Internet cannibal movement was brought to my attention”, says this film's producer, Marco Weber. Some would say this is just the kind of passion the cannibal genre has been lacking after such films as Cannibal Hookers, Cannibal Campout (no relation to the hookers), and the Bill Maher classic (?) Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death, which failed to live up to expectations. I for one hope that Butterfly can live up to the standard set by Ultimo Mondo Cannibale. (Joshua Rice/BOP)

Vital statistics for Butterfly: A Grimm Love Story
Main Cast Keri Russell, Thomas Kretschmann
Director Martin Weisz
Talent in red has entry in The Big Picture



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