Up and Down

Release Date: February 25, 2005
Limited release

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Soon, he will get that baby its own tattoo.

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After receiving critical praise at both the 2004 Telluride Film Festival and the Toronto International Film Festival, Sony Pictures Classics picked up distribution rights to Academy Award-nominated director Jan Hrebejk's Up and Down. The film marks the fifth collaboration over the last decade between Hrebejk and screenwriter Petr Jarchovsky.

Up and Down is a colorful, eloquent story about love and cultural identity. It takes place in a complicated New World that has fluid borders and deep-seated suspicions.

Somewhere close to the Czech-Slovak border, Milan and Goran unhappily discover that their truckload of illegal Indian immigrants have left behind a baby. In another parallel story, the childless couple Frantisek and Miluska become more and more attached to one another. Frantisek is a decent guy whose probation due to soccer hooliganism prevents him from adopting, while Miluska is fragile emotionally and physically incapable of conceiving a child on her own.

One day, while Frantisek is away at work, Miluska cashes in their savings and buys that abandoned Indian child from a pawn shop - a place that serves as a front for a den of thieves. And these stories only scratch the very surface of the complex plots that weave through the film. (Kim Hollis/BOP)

Vital statistics for Up and Down
Main Cast Petr Forman, Emilia Vasaryova, Jan Triska
Supporting Cast Ingrid Timkova, Kristyna Bokova, Jiri Machacek, Natasa Burger, Jaroslav Dusek, Pavel Liska, Marek Daniel, Jan Budar, Zdenek Suchy
Director Jan Hrebejk
Screenwriter Jan Hrebejk, Petr Jarchovsky
Distributor Sony Pictures Classics
Rating R
Running Time 108 minutes
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