The Glass House

Release Date: September 14, 2001
Release pushed back from September 7th

Goonies never say die.

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With two teen thrillers debuting in the same month of September - the other is Joy Ride, slated for October 5th release - one might almost think that Leelee Sobieski can open more than a jar as a leading lady. That remains to be seen, as her only other wide-release film in which she had the starring role, the romance/drama Here on Earth, mustered a meager $4.5 million its opening weekend, to eventually earn an even more dismal domestic box-office run of only $10.5 million. Not good for a $15 million budget movie. Maybe teen-oriented horror/thriller films will provide her breakout opportunities.

The premise of the PG-13-rated The Glass House, centering around two orphaned and adopted teens that suspect their newfound parents may have had something to do with their biological parents' demise, may just resonate with every teen's secret suspicion that their parents just might not be what they seem. The perpetually fickle teen audience is difficult to gauge regardless of a given film's ingredients, and whether or not The Glass House will ultimately present and capture that fickle appeal remains to be seen. (Cal Hubbard/BOP)

Box Office Autopsy
In the Films Without A Chance department, we have The Glass House. Who greenlighted this? The answer to that besides Sony, is a company called Original Film. "Original" is a bad descriptor for this company. The seem to breed teen horror/action/angst films in multiples. Among their pedigree is the series of films called The Skulls (did you know there were three of them now?), two Urban Legend films, but their most hideous and scary movie is actually a supposed comedy - Slackers - starring Rushmore's Jason Schwartzman in a career wrecking movie.

The Glass House was destined to -make- Leelee Sobieski's career, but it ended up being more Schwartzman-esque. The Glass House opened to a small gross of $5.7 million from 2,137 venues, which pretty much nixed the opportunity for Sony and Original Film to make their $22 million production budget back. Over the Sept. 21st weekend, everything seemed to hold well, so while Leelee's second week drop of 23% didn't look too bad, it was sixth best for the frame. In the following weeks, the film had drops of 52%, 47%, 62% and 69%. It ended up making $18 million domestic before being quickly forgotten. (John Hamann)

Vital statistics for The Glass House
Main Cast Leelee Sobieski, Diane Lane, Stellan Skarsgard
Supporting Cast Bruce Dern, Kathy Baker, Trevor Morgan
Director Daniel Sackheim
Screenwriter Wesley Strick
Distributor Sony/Columbia
Trailer Click Here for Trailer
Rating PG-13
Running Time 106 minutes
Screen Count 1,591
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Comparison films for The Glass House
Adjusted Opening
Total BO
Adjusted Total
Disturbing Behavior 7/24/987.01 9.01 1842 3806.00 4706.8 17.49 22.48 2.50
Here on Earth 3/24/004.51 5.04 1714 2631.00 2831.1 10.49 11.73 2.33
Teaching Mrs. Tingle 8/20/993.33 3.96 1710 1947.00 2223.0 8.91 10.61 2.68



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