Woman Thou Art Loosed

Release Date: October 1, 2004
Limited release

I cut you!

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Writer and bishop T.D. Jakes wrote a religious self-help treatise in the form of female empowerment. That book, Woman, Thou Art Loosed, has been adapted for theatrical release. Even better, Jakes himself acts in the film, playing himself.

The movie stars Kimberly Elise of The Manchurian Candidate. Her character, Michelle Jordan, is one of millions of kids raised in poverty. Her path inevitably leads to physical abuse from loved ones and her own abuse of drugs. In the end, her path leads to prison, but that is not the end of the line for Michelle...not by any stretch.

While incarcerated, Michelle receives frequent visits from Bishop Jakes, a man who seeks to help guide her on the path to redemption. The two of them form an unusual bond which carries over into the life Michelle leads on the outside after being released from jail.

Once she returns to some semblance of her prior, "normal" life, Michelle finds herself facing the same addictions to which she acquiesced before. Her choices become black and white. She can return to the familiar territory of her past mistakes or she can try to lead a moral life. The obstacles presented before her make the latter road harder to travel, but such are the tribulations of life. In order to earn redemption and emotional healing, Michelle will need to draw upon the strength of the man of God. And it might even be nice if that quietly handsome man played by Spin City's Michael Boatman came to be a part of her everyday life.

Following on the unprecedented, historic box office success of The Passion of the Christ, this movie is poised to become the next darling of religious leaders. It is already being positioned as a modern gospel equivalent.

For a list of upcoming release dates and locations, visit the Magnolia Pictures Web site. (David Mumpower/BOP)

Vital statistics for Woman Thou Art Loosed
Main Cast Kimberly Elise, Loretta Devine, Debbi Morgan
Supporting Cast Michael Boatman, Clifton Powell, Idalis DeLeon, Sean Blakemore, Ricky Harris, T.D. Jakes
Director Michael Schultz
Screenwriter Stan Foster
Distributor Magnolia Pictures
Trailer Click Here for Trailer
Official Site http://www.womanthouartloosedthemovie.com/
Rating R
Running Time 99 minutes
Screen Count 408
Talent in red has entry in The Big Picture



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