Release Date: August 20, 2004
Limited release

I'm much sexier in Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights.

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In the vein of Pulp Fiction comes this stylized crime caper set in Mexico City. The story centers around a simple exchange that goes wrong, causing the lives of nine interconnected and unsuspecting people to go absolutely crazy. It all takes place in the course of one chaotic evening as a fortune in diamonds is at stake.

Diego Luna (The Terminal) stars as Lolo, a computer hacker who is infatuated with his neighbor, Andrea (Marta Belaustegui). His obsession extends to watching her every movie via high-tech spy devices that he has installed in her home. His efforts to break up one of her romantic encounters cause a great deal of problems for the young man one evening as he is involved in the attempted perpetration of a crime.

Lolo has teamed with amateur criminals Tomson (Jesús Ochoa) and Nene (Lucas Crespi) in a deal that depends upon the exchange of diamonds in order to obtain access to certain Swiss bank accounts. The trio has pacted with a Russian mobster to put these events in motion.

Naturally, Lolo is distracted by his obsession with the lovely Andrea. When he tries to interrupt her liaison with another man, everything goes out of control. Down the road, a grouchy pharmacist named Beto and his wife somehow manage to become tangled in the criminal exchange, and soon the barber Goyo and his wife Carmen are involved as well. Everyone on the scene is quickly overcome by lust for the diamonds, growing increasingly obsessed with the possibility of easy living. Greed leads to desperation. Soon, computers are being hacked, people are being killed and lives have been irrevocably altered. (Kim Hollis/BOP)

Vital statistics for Nicotina
Main Cast Marta Belaustegui, Rosa Maria Bianchi, Lucas Crespi
Supporting Cast Daniel Gimenez Cacho, Rafael Inclan, Enoc Leano, Diego Luna, Carmen Madrid, Jesus Ochoa
Director Hugo Rodriguez
Screenwriter Martin Salinas
Distributor Arenas Entertainment
Rating R
Running Time 90 minutes
Screen Count 96
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