Release Date: January 28, 2005
Limited release

I wanna be the next Karate Kid!

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121/125 Dan Krovich Cinemax would be embarassed.

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Maureen Doherty has just announced that she plans to marry Oliver Vance. Ordinarily, such an proclamation wouldn't be anything particularly noteworthy, but in Maureen's case, she's gotten engaged immediately after the death of her first husband. Maureen's son Scott (Adam) is convinced that there is much more to their union than surface appearances might indicate. And while Scott completely mistrusts Oliver, he can't deny an overwhelming attraction to his future stepfather's daughter, Kelly.

Still, Scott is steadfast in his belief that his father's death was not an accident. Along with Kelly, he begins to investigate the circumstances surrounding the death. Joined together with this common purpose, Scott and Kelly grow closer and eventually fall in love. Before they can prove their suspicions about the death of Scott's father, though, a fatal explosion kills both of their parents.

As events unfold, Scott learns that Kelly has deceived him in a number of ways. Suddenly, he realizes that he is being set up as the guilty party, which leads him to try to discover whether Kelly might be behind everything. (Kim Hollis/BOP)

Vital statistics for Fascination
Main Cast Adam Garcia, Jaime Bello, Jacqueline Bisset
Supporting Cast Elia Enid Cadilla, Craig Cady, Vincent Castellanos, Idee B. Charriez Millet, Gary Davies, Alice Evans, Sterling Fitzgerald, J.C. Love, James Naughton, Ted Richard, Bill Sloan, Cucho Viera, Stuart Wilson
Director Klaus Menzel
Screenwriter Klaus Menzel
Distributor MGM
Rating R
Running Time 95 minutes
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