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29/98 Max Braden Zachary Levi was a good choice for this role since he plays the tone just right. I'm always a fan of Cooper Andrews, and Grace Fulton seems like a future star.

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Shazam, shazam, shazam! The ancient DC super-hero, the only character that could ever possibly stand up to Superman, is coming to the big screen...eventually. Shazam is famous within the comic book universe because it was one of the first comics to place a child as a central character. Shazam is the super-powerful, orange spandex-clad alter-ego of 12 year-old Billy Batson. Or that's the common misconception. Shazam is the word that Billy utters in order to turn into Captain Marvel; with that explanation it's easier to see why the name Shazam caught on and Captain Marvel didn't.

Little is known about the project at this point; just that Warner Bros. has greenlighted it based on a script and that the project is moving ahead. Shazam remains one of the lesser known super-heroes out there and might find a difficult time finding an audience outside of those who will see the film thinking that Jim Nabors is making a comeback. (Walid Habboub/BOP)

Vital statistics for Shazam!
Director Peter Segal
Screenwriter William Goldman
Distributor New Line Cinema
Talent in red has entry in The Big Picture

Comparison films for Shazam!
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Total BO
Adjusted Total
X2: X-Men United 5/2/0385.56 85.56 3741 22871.00 22871.0 214.95 214.95 2.51
X-Men, The 7/14/0054.47 60.93 3025 18007.00 19376.7 157.30 175.97 2.89
Batman Forever 6/16/9552.78 73.16 2842 18571.00 24761.3 184.03 255.10 3.49
Batman Returns 6/19/9247.72 69.33 2644 18048.00 25223.7 162.83 236.59 3.41
Daredevil 2/14/0345.03 45.03 3471 12974.00 12974.0 102.54 102.54 2.28
Batman and Robin 6/20/9742.87 56.31 2934 14611.00 18462.7 107.33 140.99 2.50
Batman 6/23/8942.71 64.54 2194 19467.00 28297.9 251.19 379.62 5.88



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