Guy X

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In hindsight, Jason, it was a mistake to accept career advice from Eugene Levy.

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No one thinks of Greenland. That’s the thought John Greisemer had when writing his novel. His humorous concept developed from that theme is now being adapted into a theatrical production starring Mr. American Pie, Jason Biggs.

The setting has been fast-forwarded two decades from the book, but the idea is still the same. Rudy Spruance is a soldier in the United States army during the last days of the Cold Way in 1979. He has caught a bad break. A clerical error has caused his transfer to the largely forgotten Qangattarsa (don’t ask me how it’s pronounced) Base in Greenland. Once there, Spruance discovers what a miserable existence he has had thrust upon him. The Arctic weather tests the sanity of the men and the mosquitoes test their constitution.

As a pick-me-up, the commanding officer asks Spruance to start writing a newspaper. In the process of researching various stories, he comes to realize how low troop morale is. The soldier hopes to get transferred off the base, but alas, that’s no longer possible. Due to the nature of the clerical error, he no longer officially exists. That means that bureaucratic red tape prevents the government from filing the proper paperwork to get him out of there. (David Mumpower/BOP)

Vital statistics for Guy X
Main Cast Jason Biggs, Natasha McElhone, Jeremy Northam
Supporting Cast Michael Ironside
Director Saul Metztein
Screenwriter Steve Attridge, John Paul Chapple
Distributor Tartan Films
Official Site
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