Blacktime, Whitenoise

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Sadly, he'd be a number two starter for the real Devil Rays.

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The complex issues of time travel and civil rights dovetail in Blacktime, Whitenoise.

The movie takes place in two phases. The first involves a failed robbery in the present. A quartet of young men attempts to pilfer the home of a wealthy family. In the process of trying to steal from the white upper class family, they stumble across an aging black men. Panicked, one of them overreacts and shoots him.

Fleeing the scene, the newly baptized accessories to murder have something even more unexpected occur. They hit some sort of time warp which transfers them to !968 Memphis. The men quickly realize that they stand on the cusp on one of the most historic days for race relations. In two days, Martin Luther King Jr. will be assassinated. Why have the troubled youths been brought to this time period? Are they supposed to help alter the course of history? Or are they simply to learn the nature of their struggle?

Bones director (and, ergo, BOP fave) Ernest Dickerson has signed on to pinch hit for original director Bill Duke on the upcoming production. (David Mumpower/BOP)

Vital statistics for Blacktime, Whitenoise
Main Cast Dennis Quaid, Kevin Bacon
Director Ernest Dickerson
Talent in red has entry in The Big Picture



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