Bush's Brain

Release Date: August 27, 2004
Limited release

Surprisingly, he does cast a shadow.

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For anyone who ever wondered just how it is that one George W. Bush managed to be elected, Bush's Brain is a documentary that goes behind the scenes to examine the political career of the president's key advisor and electoral strategist Karl Rove.

Based on a book by Wayne Slater and James Moore, the film details Rove's ascension from Utah high school debate geek to Texas political juggernaut. Interviews with both Republicans and Democrats throughout the documentary note that Rove had aspirations for the White House long before George Bush ever even considered the nation's top job.

Bush's Brain, based on the book by Wayne Slater and James Moore, follows the political career of George W. Bush's key advisor and electoral stategist Karl Rove. Through interviews with pundits and those who had dealings with Rove, the film takes a look at his instrumental efforts in overseeing the rise of the Republican Party in Texas and helping in Bush's surprising ascent to the White House. The political organizer was key in Bush's 1988 and 1994 Texas gubernatorial elections, then headed up the charge for the presidency in 2000. Bush's Brain depicts Rove as a savvy, rational planner who isn't satisfied with merely defeating opposing candidates -- he hopes to absolutely destroy them.

The directors are hoping that the film will lead to viewer scrutiny and re-examination of the Bush presidency. Though Rove declined numerous interview requests, he did send a 14-page e-mail to Wayne Slater, one of the authors of the book on which the film is based. That e-mail provides Rove's voice in the film.

Bush's Brain has already been shown at a couple of festivals, and is sure to attract the attention of a theatrical distributor. Look for the documentary to be one of many that looks to figure heavily into the big political season of Fall 2004. (Kim Hollis/BOP)

Vital statistics for Bush's Brain
Director Michael Paradies Shoob, Joseph Mealey
Distributor Tartan Films
Rating PG-13
Running Time 80 minutes
Talent in red has entry in The Big Picture



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