State Property 2:
Philly Streets

Release Date: April 13, 2005
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Limited release

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State Property II, a follow-up to the Lions Gate gangster film that earned $2 million at the box office, continues the story of Beans (portrayed by Beanie Siegel). Now imprisoned, the kingpin and Philadelphia druglord is struggling to keep his ABM Crime Syndicate at the top of the "business" world. He's a driven leader, consumed by a mighty hatred for a longtime rival.

In another part of town, Dame, a Harlem-born hustler, is becoming the new big dog in the city. He heads up the Umbrella network, a group unrivaled in its cash-flow and power structure. By the same token, Dame is the target of numerous enemies who are looking for revenge, and finds himself forced into a tough gang war.

Loco is a flashy Miami playboy who finds himself about to be released from prison. He plans to use his deep pockets and bright reputation to establish himself as the prime gang leader on the streets of Philadelphia, but also has ghosts from a turbulent past that he must contend with.

All three men's paths will collide as alliances are formed and broken, even as another ruthless criminal mastermind elsewhere in the city is plotting to take all three of them down. (Kim Hollis/BOP)

Vital statistics for State Property 2: Philly Streets
Main Cast Beanie Siegel, Victor N.O.R.E. Santiago, Damon Dash
Supporting Cast Michael Bentt, Omillio Sparks, OschinoD-Nice, Duan Grant, Sundy Carter, Russell Jones, Cam'ron
Director Damon Dash
Screenwriter Adam Moreno
Distributor Lions Gate
Trailer Click Here for Trailer
Official Site
Rating R
Running Time 94 minutes
Screen Count 202
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