Release Date: December 25, 2005
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Ledger is not taking the Naomi Watts dumping well.

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11/25 Max Braden It's a little cheesy, but very enjoyable romantic comedy in a beautiful setting.

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Despite what Naomi Watts is saying these days, Heath Ledger is Casanova. That is to say that the handsome blonde Aussie is signed to play the title character in Lasse Hallstrom's upcoming Casanova production. Joining him is the suddenly hot Sienna Miller, who must frequently get on her knees and give thanks for the premature cancellation of Keen Eddie. Had that show continued, she would have missed out on the lead roles in both the Alfie re-make alongside real-life boyfriend Jude Law as well as Casanova.

For those who only know the name but not the story behind Giovanni Giacomo Casanova, here is some pertinent information about the 18th century Italian man. He was wore many hats professionally. At various times, he was a government accountant (Casanova is credited with inventing the lottery), a violinist, a writer, a soldier, a spy, and even a clergyman.

What Casanova was more than anything else was a legendary lover. And frequently the women he seduced were already married to other men. Known for his reckless abandon and utter irresponsibility in his romances, Casanova is forever synonymous with carefree, ill-conceived relationships.

The Hallstrom/Ledger/Miller film follows the man through the entirety of a relationship. Casanova encounters a woman who proves herself able to easily dismiss his considerable charms. Faced with a lady who won't allow herself to be yet another conquest, the legendary lover finds himself - horror of all horrors - falling in love. (David Mumpower/BOP)

Vital statistics for Casanova
Main Cast Heath Ledger, Sienna Miller
Director Lasse Hallstrom
Screenwriter Kimberly Simi, Christofer
Distributor Touchstone Pictures
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