Release Date: December 12, 2008
Limited release

His eyes seem to follow you everywhere.

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While not a sequel to The Motorcycle Diaries, it almost seems as if this could play as one. While Diaries focuses on a motorcycle trip across South America that Che Guevera made during his younger years, Che will focus on his more famous later years as a socialist revolutionary Cuba. The Argentine doctor abandoned his career to travel to Cuba to fight alongside Fidel Castro among others to overthrow dictator Fulgencio Batista. After being a key figure in the first and only victorious socialist revolution in the Americas, he left the revolution to help fight tyranny and oppression until his execution in Bolivia. The pair of biopics at the very least give today's movie audiences some background on that guy on the tee shirt they're wearing.

Originally, The Thin Blue Line's Terrence Malick was slated to direct from a script he had penned; however, he has since dropped out to concentrate on a film about the explorer John Smith and the 17th century clash between the Native Americans and the British. In his place is Academy Award winner Steven Soderbergh, teaming up once again with Benicio Del Toro, who will portray the revolutionary leader. (Dan Krovich/BOP)

Vital statistics for Che
Main Cast Benicio Del Toro, Ryan Gosling, Javier Bardem
Supporting Cast Benjamin Bratt, Franka Potente
Director Steven Soderbergh
Distributor Independent Film Channel
Screen Count 2
Awards Awards page for Che
Talent in red has entry in The Big Picture



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