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What wife hasn't dreamed of turning the tables on her cheating husband? The difference between them and the lead character in Nathalie is that she actually follows through on her crazy scheme.

The fed up woman (played by Fanny Ardant of 8 Femmes) resolves to hire a prostitute, but get your mind out of the gutter, pervs. She wants the hooker to seduce her straying husband in order for the wife to better understand how his mind works. She wants to know why he cheats, what he likes in bed, and who has grown to become as a person. Basically, Ardant's character looks to go on a journey of self-discovery but the self is her husband instead of her.

Nathalie is the assumed name the prostitute (played by the ethereal Emanuelle Beart) takes as she goes undercover (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) to get the dirt on the man with the wandering eye. What happens, though, when the wife who hired Nathalie begins to suspect the information she is being given might not accurately reflect the whole of the whore's relationship with her husband? (David Mumpower/BOP)

Vital statistics for Nathalie
Main Cast Emmanuelle Beart, Fanny Ardent, Gerard Depardieu
Supporting Cast Judith Magre, Idit Cebula, Sasha Rucavina, Christian Aaron Boulogne
Director Anne Fontaine
Screenwriter Jacques Fieschi, Anne Fontaine, Francois-Olivier Rousseau
Distributor Wellspring Media
Running Time 100 minutes
Talent in red has entry in The Big Picture



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