The Big White

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Can't see the hands...good lord, I hope he's wearing pants.

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Nothing says funny like corpse humor. This is the Hollywood Law of Bernie. Seeing a dead guy take repeatedly blows to the head and/or crotch is a comedy achievement rivaling anything George Carlin has ever done.

Robin Williams, who knows a thing or two about humor, clearly agrees with me. This explains why he has signed on as the lead in the upcoming dark comedy, The Big White.

Mork plays a scheming travel agent looking to get the hell out of dodge. Since his wife (Thirteen's overly shocked mother, Holly Hunter) seems to be declining in normalcy due to a psychosomatic bout of Tourette's Syndrome, the Williams character decides that a change of venue is the best path to personal happiness.

When a corpse comes into his possession (hey, it could happen), the travel agent plots to commit insurance fraud. The body is declared as his brother so that the felonious schemer can bag a nice-sized novelty check for his loss.

Since this is a comedy, events do not advance as planned. Clouding the issue are a pair of mobsters who -- you guessed it -- killed the corpse in question. They are seeking to more permanently dispose of the body in order to ensure no threat of legal complications. As if that is not enough, a meddlesome insurance agent (Giovanni Ribisi) is seeking to earn his stripes by coming down hard on insurance fraud.

What is an amiable man to do when he has to avoid the mafia and jail time? Since this is Robin Williams being discussed, BOP presumes the answer is to be as zany and slapstick as possible. (David Mumpower/BOP)

Vital statistics for The Big White
Main Cast Robin Williams, Holly Hunter
Supporting Cast Giovanni Ribisi, Woody Harrelson, Alison Lohman, Tim Blake Nelson
Director Mark Mylaud
Screenwriter Collin Friesen
Distributor Lions Gate
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